Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Do religious organizations such as Little Sisters of the Poor have an obligation to provide morally repugnant procedures for their employees, in violation of the organization’s religious beliefs?  Must nuns provide for abortions?

 Supreme Court failed to decide, stuck 4-4, sent the cases back to federal courts for more findings.

Note the reporter carefully calls these “contraceptive services” as if we were talking about rubbers.  We’re not.  The Liberal definition of “contraceptive” equates to “birth control” which means “we control who gets born” which isn’t limited to rubbers, it includes killing infants before they’re born, i.e., abortion.  The Obama Administration wants to force Catholics to pay for abortions.


 The election.

 Joe Doakes

There are those who say “I can’t vote for Trump, on basic principle”.

My guiding principle is “don’t screw up the country”.

I don’t know what the answer is for this election, other than “not Hillary, ever”.

5 thoughts on “Stakes

  1. Although I usually disagree with your “Good enough is good enough” standard Mitch, I’m with you here. Trump’s short list to replace Scalia is entirely acceptable. Further, he will be dipping into that list twice since they cannot keep Ginsberg’s corpse from decaying indefinitely.

    I relish the thought of Soto/Kagan being told, in effect, to sit still and STFU.

  2. I urge everyone to look at all of those 5-4 supreme court decisions from the past several years. One of Hillary’s liberal fascist judges and all of those decisions get reversed. You say “but those cases have been decide”. The left has said they are going to redo them once they get control of the court. They will bring basically identical cases before the court of a Wisconsin election style redo.

  3. Trump’s SCOTUS list was probably the best argument he could make for his election and, having done it early, might give him time to reset the narrative. Already his negatives are falling and his polling improving. A little more of that “presidential temperament” might just put him over the top. And the only game in town is better than no game at all.

  4. God, Himself, would never pass the liberal SCOTUS litmus tests. “Too conservative. Too judgmental. Unenlightened.”

  5. I was talking to some of my Libidiot friends and coworkers after Megyn Kelly’s interview with Trump last week. Of the seven of them, six have declared that they will vote for him. The seventh one “probably will”.

    Of course, they are all legal gun owners that hunt and four of them are unionistas. I finally got it through their heads that if Clinton maintains that she will kill the coal industry once and for all, why aren’t they supporting their brothers and sisters that lost their jobs due to DemonRAT policies? Then I asked them if they knew her stance on gun control? I suspect that those messages got relayed to a lot of their local union members.

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