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Williamson’s¬†Victor Davis Hanson’s 1¬†piece – on the bureaucracy full of smug, entitled, thirtysomething bureaucrats who have such disporportionate control over this country today – is worth a read from beginning to end.

But this quote was the payoff:

Most men in Dayton or Huntsville do not lounge around in the morning in their pajamas, with or without built-in footpads, drinking hot chocolate and scanning health-insurance policies. That our elites either think they do, or think the few that matter do, explains why a nation $20 trillion in debt envisions the battle over transgender restrooms as if it were Pearl Harbor.

But read it all anyway.

1 Yeah, it’s been that kind of morning.

2 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day

  1. It also shows why the right almost always loses in the culture war. We don’t obsess about our next move. Our next offense. While we were out mowing our lawns, working in the garden, helping our elderly relatives move some furniture, volunteering with little league, the left was plotting their next move.
    We go about our lives and then are shocked when we wake up some morning and find out our neighbor lost her small business because she wouldn’t bake a cake for someone. Or that we have to allow drag queens to shower with the girls.

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