Jon Stewart Admits “Stand Your Ground” Is Democracy’s Only Legitimate Response To Street Crime

There.   Now that I have your attention…

While I’ve always run a forthrightly ideological conservative blog (that also covers music, history, and pretty much any other subject I want to cover), I’ve also always sought to facilitate a lively discussion in my comment section – one that crosses the proverbial aisle.  That has been my policy since I first figured out how to add comments to this blog, back in 2003 or so.

I italicize the word discussion because that is literally what I’m shooting for; people from all different angles of a subject, going at it, pretty much untrammeled.  Let’s face it – vigorous agreement is just another term for “echo chamber”; a good donnybrook is a chance to convince others.  Or even me – lotsa luck.  Some of this blog’s most celebrated commenters – I’m looking at you, Angryclown – could be fairly called “the opposition” in this space.

And that’s a good thing.

A good discussion  is kind of a rare thing in the world of blogs, these days; most blogs either farm their comments out to a turnkey service in which they participate only rarely (like Hot Air or Powerline), or control access veeeeeery carefully (Sally Jo Sorenson at Bluestem Prairie, who blocks many/most critical comments, and holds most all comments until she can respond), or just block everyone that annoys them (pretty much name any left-leaning MN blogs).

For over a decade, I’ve tried, and succeeded, in focusing my comment section on being a discussion.  In all that time,I’ve rolled out the welcome mat to all, pretty much without exception; I’ve kept to my policy of only blocking people who write things that could get me in legal trouble (two commenters, ever) or people who feel like exercising personal pissing matches with me  – three of them bordering on stalking – to an extent where there was no redeeming value to the “conribution” they made.

But while I feel no desire to change my policy, I’m going to say this; I did not start my comment section as a place for people to do the rhetorical equivalent of leaving a bag of flaming dog poo at my door, ringing the bell and running.

If you make a continuous practice of dumping contentious comments and running, week in, week out, then you’re treating the comment section more like your personal blog.

And since a blog takes literally two minutes to set up, there’s no real reason for you to do that – or for me to host it.

I don’t care if you refer people back to your personal blog (or facebook page, or twitter feed) as much as you want.  Go for it!   That’s how all of us created traffic when we were getting started!  But if you’re dumping a bunch of content here without actually discussing it with, at the very least, me – the person hosting your little outburst – then we’ll need to have a word.

6 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Admits “Stand Your Ground” Is Democracy’s Only Legitimate Response To Street Crime

  1. Considering your serial thread crapper would sooner stick a fork in her eye than let an intelligent rebuttal to her ignorant twaddle stand on her empty little blerg you’re being exceptionally magnanimous.

  2. Over the weekend I read this piece by Nicholas Kristof in the NYT that points out the lack of intellectual diversity in the nations colleges & universities and how it is having a terrible effect.
    Combine that with the revelation (it’s sourced via the Gawkersphere – consider this your content warning) that Facebook has been systematically suppressing conservative oriented news (Planned Parenthoods hawking of aborted baby parts, Hillarys home based email server)
    and you begin to realize the Left has a major issue in even listening to viewpoints from the other side and would rather just not give them any credence at all by even acknowledging them. See especially the comments in the NYT piece, when nearly every Lefty commenter claims that Kristof is wrong by going on to prove that he is right.

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  4. No surprise to me, Seflores. Not only do I know a lot of leftists/academics who automatically think the right is wrong (even if we say the sun rises in the East each morning), but won’t even contemplate which of their views would change if some of their claims were falsified.

    It’s really, really scary, and it suggests that task #1 for real diversity is to have a requirement in various classes to state their view, state the supporting information, and then state what information would be required to compel them to change their view.

    And if they can’t show how their opinions can be falsified, inform them that by their own metric, neither can they be established.

  5. This reminds me of a couple of leftie friends that made angry statements that Rush Limbaugh is a racist a couple of years ago. When I asked them how they came to that conclusion, they laughed at me. One replied that he had heard him make racist comments on his show while Obama was running for POTUS the first time. The other chimed in that both Screamin’ Ed Schultz and Chris Tingles Matthews and CNN had all reported on it.

    So, I informed them that they should consider the source. Then, I asked liar number 1 if he possibly recorded the show on which he heard these racist comments. “Well, no”, he mumbled. “Well, that’s really too bad, I replied, because when the left first told those lies, Rush announced that he would pay a $10,000 reward to the first person that could provide verified audio or visual evidence of said racism and to date, no one has collected”.

    Suddenly, they both tried to change the subject.

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