A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

AKA:  Why SITD Is Better Than “This Week Tonight”

On his de facto “Daily Show” spinoff, John Oliver took twenty looong minutes to work up to his big scoop about Donald Trump; the big conclusion of his long, sometimes incisive, long, sometimes interesting, long, long bit on Trump was…

…his family name was originally “Drumpf”.

All that build-up to mock an ancestral name.


I raise John Oliver the following:

trumpery – noun trum·pery \ˈtrəm-p(ə-)rē\
Definition of trumpery
1 – a : worthless nonsense.  b : trivial or useless articles :  junk <a wagon loaded with household trumpery —
2 – archaic : tawdry finery

Berg, win.

(Via my high school and college classmate Eric D)

5 thoughts on “A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

  1. Ah, back to this old episode are you? Scrounging the bottom of a shallow barrel then.

    The point you miss is that old Drumpf, the whoremaster changed his name out of shame at his ethnicity.

    And then Trump dumped on Jon Stewart for using a stage name.

    Just another dollop of double standard conservative hypocrisy.

    I suppose that is all you have when your candidate is as horrific as Trump.

    You should blame the tea party, those loonies who exalt the know-nothings like Palin, who can’t or won’t face a more complex world or the inevitability of change — the anti-intellectuals and anti-science crowd of backward social conservative bigots.

  2. DG,

    Before I spend any time writing a thoughtful answer, please do me a favor: leave a quick “hi” to indicate you actually read these threads, rather than dumping and running.


  3. By the way – you missed my point by about the geometrically possible limit.

    As, it seems, usual.

  4. In case anyone thinks that DG’s is smarter than a turnip-
    -Trump did not change his last name. His grandfather did.
    -Jon Stewart’s birth surname is Leibowitz. ‘Stewart’ is not a stage name, he legally had it changed from Leibowitz to Stewart fifteen years ago.

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