10 thoughts on “Subtle Racism

  1. There is a thriving expat-American community in Mexico. But it’s not made up of people who can afford maids in THIS country.

  2. As I think you have noted…..liberals like lilly white Scandinavian socialism (which isn’t as socialist as they like to think), not brown socialism.

  3. They obviously don’t want their political opposition using an imaginary “Southern Strategy” against them.

  4. It is also not-so-subtle racism as this is blatant “code” for something totally unrelated and totally racist.

  5. On the flip side, it’s worth noting that a lot of conservative pensioners have moved to Mexico because of the generally better food and lower cost of living there. So liberals are racists, conservatives are not. QED. :^)

  6. Moving TO Mexico and becoming a citizen is actually pretty hard. It’s not even all that trivial to retire there as a resident with all the paperwork and the requirements on using locals to own your retirement house, etc. Comparatively, moving to Canada is trivial as long as you don’t have a DUI or some such on your record and are a reasonably productive member of society.

  7. nerd….I know a guy who found out he was banned from Canada (due to a DWI) after he drove all the way to Washington state for a vaca in British Columbia. His buddies took the car and continued on while he rode Amtrak back. So, the lesson is to cross at Fort Frances so in case you can’t get in, you don’t have as far to drive home.

  8. There aint a damn thing Canada has that I can’t get here. Taking a mob of stinking lefties off our soil will be one reason I could find to care it is up there at all.

  9. I have a couple of buddies that retired to Costa Rica and Belize respectively.

    They both like it, although Belize is getting more violent toward Yankees, according to the one that lives there. He’s not too worried though. He’s made a lot of friends among the locals.

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