Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Last time around, Hillary was the Democrat heir presumptive until Barack showed up out of nowhere and blew her away.  In the Hierarchy of Liberal Victimology, Black beats Woman and all the Democrat delegates knew it.  She never had a chance.

 This time around, Hillary is the heir presumptive and Bernie is just a Socialist.  In the Hierarchy of Liberal Victimology, Woman beats Commie any day.  She’s got the nomination locked up.

 But wait!  Bernie could suddenly decide to become Transgender!   Transgender is the new hotness.  Liberals insist transgender men must have the right to use the women’s bathroom regardless whether the women like it or not; therefore, in the hierarchy, Trans beats Woman. 

 Bernie is running to the left of Hillary economically; he ought to be running to her left socially.  The best Hillary could do in response is admit to a Lesbian affair with Huma, which everyone has long suspected and would be boring old news. 

 Bernie could condemn anybody who didn’t support him as a Hater, as old-fashioned, as not Progressive, as Not a True Democrat.  Trans versus Lesbian – that’s a much better matchup than Woman versus Commie.  Delegates looking for an excuse to dump Hillary would have a perfect out.

 She’d never have a chance.   

 Joe Doakes

There’ve been dumber ideas out there.

See:  this past eight years.

28 thoughts on “Strategery

  1. The idea of Cruz being a better alternative than Trump is rather surreal. I never imagined anything could convince me to vote for Clinton. But Cruz might do it.

  2. Emery;

    Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh.

    Trying to convince us that you would vote for a GOP candidate over a DemonRAT, is funny stuff.

    You also may want to look at Cruz’s economic policies. He was grilled about them by a stupid lefty media stooge and he answered every question with common sense, realistic and sound solutions. Of course, lefty media doesn’t understand good fiscal policies, but I think that you do. It might change your mind about who would be the best GOP POTUS.

  3. If you’d told me last year that the GOP was trying to save itself with Ted Cruz, it would’ve been a liberal fantasy on par with free college.

  4. Both Bernie and Hillary are pro-human being, which includes the transgender.

    How sad the right is the anti-knowledge party, demonstrating an appalling failure to understand either gender or sexual orientation. That is why your legislation on those topics continues to be overturned. You are also the party of anti-equality.

    What a shame the right doesn’t have a candidate as good as either one of the left’s candidates, and none in the pipeline for future races either.

  5. Both Bernie and Hillary are pro-human being, which includes the transgender.

    How many transgender fetuses get their spinal cords cut with a scissors, Mrs. Teasdale? Don’t even go there, you moral cipher.

  6. I thought of posting a rebuke, but it does get tiresome and futile to argue with idiots.

  7. Oh, and eTASS, care to share your crap sandwich with Doggie? She seems hungry.

  8. Question, Doggie: Do humans have the right to discriminate? Can we draw distinctions between right and wrong; good and evil. Or, are we all just thrown into this soup called “humanity” and spun in the blender of history?

  9. JPA: If you were to pull that ramrod from rectum, I bet you’d be able to sit up straight.

  10. That is why your legislation on those topics continues to be overturned

    No, it keeps getting overturned because the left has infiltrated all levels of the judiciary in this country with their ilk. Those who feel the gavel gives them the power to re-write laws under which the people, thru their legally elected representatives, have chosen to govern themselves.

    What a shame the right doesn’t have a candidate as good as either one of the left’s candidates,

    Where “good” gets you the choice of a nutbag communist or a criminal tyrannical communist.

    and none in the pipeline for future races either.

    Because they are “right” or “Republican” or “conservative”, that’s the only qualification DG needs to categorize them as “not good”

  11. DG,

    Before I respond, could you kindly leave a simple “hi”, or some indication that you’ve actually read this thread after leaving your comment?

    This is like the seventh straight thread where I’ve asked you to do so. I’m starting to get the impression you don’t want to see any responses to your comments.

  12. It’s funny to watch Liberals frantically divert attention away from the issue, which is Liberals’ slavish devotion to assigning societal benefits based on perceived worthiness arising from relative victimhood.

    A Black man is more worthy than a White woman, because slavery. Black trumps Woman.

    But a Transgender man is also more worthy than a White woman, because Feelings. So Trans trumps Woman.

    I’m telling you, my campaign strategy would work – Liberals would have no choice but to Vote Trans = Vote Bernie.

    Get Caitlyn to campaign with him, that’ll really pack in the young people.

    And how’s this for a new slogan: Feel Up The Bern.

  13. I’m starting to get the impression you don’t want to see any responses to your comments.”

    Supreme narcissist that she is, DG has everything in common with Caliph Umar who put the library at Alexandria to the torch with the reasoning: if the book agrees with the Koran its superfluous, if it doesn’t its heretical – in either case destroy them!
    There is a reason that only the most servile groveling comments are allowed at her website – nothing else is permissible because the Peevish blog is her “safe space”.

  14. If the GOP candidate is Kasich, who, exactly, will vote for him? The pro-amnesty, pro-Obamacare, pro-syrian-refugee Republicans aren’t 51% of the electorate.

  15. The country is not close to electing a socialist. Having said that, Clinton will beat Trump by 10+ points. As I have commented previously; the GOP has once again managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. More so with the opportunity to go up against a candidate like Clinton.

  16. BG, that is why eTASS loves him so, dontchaknow? We need another squish to be nominated so Democrats can win to fulfill eTASS dreams and aspirations of a world where everyone is a slave to the goobernment. I can’t wait for TX to separate. US is lost.

  17. JPA: If Cruz becomes the GOP nominee, conservatives will no longer have the opportunity to say: “we lost because we didn’t nominate a true conservative.” Be careful what you wish for.

  18. If Kasich is nominated, moderates will no longer have the opportunity to say ‘we lost because we didn’t nominate a moderate.’
    Actually, the GOP has run with moderates and lost the popular vote in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2008, 2012.
    Trump and Cruz are popular because the GOP establishment — its donor class — is so frikkin lousy at choosing a presidential candidate who can win.

  19. DG-“You are also the party of anti-equality.” Wrong again as usual, DG. No, we’re the party of ant-equal outcome, but we are the party of equal opportunity. Two different things, very easy to understand, unless one is a liberal.

  20. You know, jimf, the equal opportunity thing really bugs me. We now live in a country where, with the support of the federal government, certain groups receive ‘extra’ incentives to enter certain occupations. If you are female from a wealthy family or a minority from a wealthy family, your school will go the extra mile to get you to pursue a career in science-technology-math. If you are a poor white kid, forget it. It’s truck driving school for you.
    The GOP should be publicizing this, over and over. I will never vote for Trump because he is not a conservative, but I really hope that he does overturn the chessboard. The donor-pleasing, unprincipled ‘conservatives’ who have run the GOP into the ground should have as much fear for their jobs as the conservatives whose votes they take for granted.

  21. A commenter at Althouse has posted this list of the GOP establishment’s preferred candidates, going back to 1976:

    2012: Romney
    2008: Romney
    2004: The President
    2000: Kasich, then G.W. Bush
    1996: Wilson, Gramm, Dole
    1992: The President
    1988: G.H.W. Bush
    1984: The President
    1980: Baker
    1976: Ford

    Before ’76, I would add these:

    1972 Nixon
    1968 Nixon
    1964 Rockefeller
    1960 Nixon
    1956 Eisenhower
    1952 Eisenhower

  22. BG: Trump will either win the delegates or win through the process of nomination. I can’t believe the GOP would deal him out. And nominating someone who didn’t even run is too ridiculous even for the GOP.

    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    Mark Twain.

  23. Emery-
    I didn’t vote in the GOP primary in my state. It’s a caucus for the presidential candidate, and I remain a conservative with no membership in any political party.
    There is some talk about running a third party to throw the election to the House (and Ryan), but I think that is crazy talk. It’s too complicated. The GOP seems to have more potential spoilers than viable presidential candidates this year. Not a good position to be in.

  24. BG, I am amazed at your compulsion to argue with idiots. You know, the ones who keep repeating the same mistake waiting to see a different result – like eTASS and his hatred for all things conservative.

    And to your 5:47 comment, new statistic just came out that white male life expectancy is falling in the US. A feature or a bug of 8 years of progressive rule?

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