Open Letter To Samantha Bee

To:  Samantha Bee, Overpromoted Woman With LibFluff Show
From:  Mitch Berg, Uppity Peasant
Re:  Inequity

Ms. Bee,

It is easier to buy either a gun or get an abortion or register to vote or buy methamphetamine than it is to put a show on cable entitled, say, “Full Frontal With Mitch Bee”.  Because you own that trademark.  It’s  your, um, “intellectual” property.

Kind of like the NRA Eagle.

The liberal “alt”-media; actually as dumb as the left thinks talk radio is.

That is all.

(Well, not quite all.  Remember when everyone was saying John Oliver was the greatest thing since Michael Moore?    Brilliant, incisive, yadda yadda?  I watched his famous “expose” on Donald Trump.  And the big, marquee point that was the conclusion to the whooooooole buildup?   The most damning thing they had on Trump, one of the most damnable people in modern American life?  His family’s original name was “Drumpf”.  That’s it.  I want that 25 minutes of my life back).

9 thoughts on “Open Letter To Samantha Bee

  1. Hopefully, Ms. Bee is being compensated at least as well as a male pimento stuffer in an olive factory.

  2. She’s awful. Seriously. Stewart could be funny even when he was skewering Republicans. (He was especially funny when he was MAD AS HELL.)
    But the Colberts, Bees, Wilmores and the guy who took Stewarts place (you know, the guy who uses three “O”s and “Z” to spell Jew) are merely like the kids who stole dads dictaphone and learned how to tape edit.
    Sad part – when one of their bits does even a little well – they get saturation coverage on all the morning shows the next day ’cause you know these Lefties love their TeeVee.
    The NRA should just start super-imposing Viacom or Comedy Centrals logo on all their stuff. I’m sure the people propping up Redstone wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  3. We’re supposed to be offended and defend women’s rights, and then applaud a show that tongue-in-cheek promotes full frontal nudity.

    Not that I’m against full frontal nudity, but still.

  4. Not sure which episode of Oliver you watched Mitch, but the point was Trump’s hypocrisy for telling Jon Stewart to use his birth name.

    If Drumpf believes people should use their original name, then he should be consistent with that belief himself. The Oliver piece on the actual cost of the promised Drumpf wall is exceptional, particularly as Drumpf keeps moving the goal posts of what it would cost, by a LOT.

    Sorry you’re no fan of Samantha Bee; she’s quite clever. Here’s something you might be able to corner the market on as intellectual property, since no one seems to be willing to put you on cable tv for millions of people to watch.

  5. DG,

    Before I spend precious time shredding your assertion down to bleeding flinders – and I absolutely will – please do me a favor and leave an answer here.

    Any answer. “Hey, Mitch”, or “hi”, or even a jaunty “slkjfkljwlkvnw”. I don’t care.

    Just something to indicate you cast even the most dilatory on on the comment section after you leave your…leavings.

    Do that, and I’ll respond.


  6. “no one seems to be willing to put you on cable tv for millions of people to watch”

    To be fair, I haven’t asked anyone.

    I notice nobody is putting you on cable, either. Perhaps if you weren’t telling them you are a Republican?

  7. “Sorry you’re no fan of Samantha Bee; she’s quite clever. “

    This endorsement comes from a (putative) woman who has expressed the earnest belief that she is the smartest commentator on this site.

    “put Dog Gone and Penigma on camera. “

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