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When I was a kid, the world’s social justice warrior crowd warned us that the world was headed for inevitable catastrophic famine.  Some of the very voices behind “global warming” today – Paul Ehrlich springs to mind – warned (and profited greatly from warning) us that India would be down to under 100 million people by 1990, and that Africa was going be pretty much revert to nature, its human inhabitants all starved out.  Even the US was going to be the subject of “inevitable” food riots by the mid-eighties.

Naturally, the only possible remedy was to socialize the world economy.


People are wondering with a straight face if we have “too much food”, as the world has more overweight than malnourished people for the first time in history.

I fully expect to see a Kyoto Treaty for fat, sooner than later.

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  1. We have too much cheap, crappy food – processed carbs and industrial seed oils.

    Good food is expensive, crappy food makes you sick.

  2. Come now, Mitch, if only we’d followed his advice then India would be down to 100 million or so. That’s what socialism will do for you, just ask the Ukrainians under Stalin!

  3. It is dishonest to claim that Paul Ehrlich was ever settled science.

    It is dishonest to assert that obesity equates to too much food too. It is caused by people filling up on empty calories lacking nutritional value, in an attempt to satisfy the body’s cravings for that missing nutrition.

    It is dishonest to assert that we have too much food when we clearly have so many parts of the world experiencing extreme and prolonged drought and famine.

    And Nerdbert is wrong to make the claim that socialism is what resulted in the terrible deaths in the Ukraine under Stalin; that was fascism and authoritarianism. Socialism in contrast, in the nations that have embraced it in coordination with capitalism, are doing wonderfully well, including nutritionally and in health outcomes.

    Telling the truth doesn’t work for you if you don’t try to misrepresent events by cherry picking items out of context. That is a form of lying and propaganda.

    In particular you might want to take a look at the issue of hunger in India. The following IS scientific, and factually well documented.


    “Despite the good economic performance, with over 200 million people who are food insecure, India is home to the largest number of hungry people in the world. In the ranking of the Global Hunger Index 2008 it covers position 66 out of 88 ranked countries and has an “alarming“ (23.7) food security situation. The major problem in the country is the high prevalence of underweight children under five, which is a result of low nutrition and educational status of women.”

    That would be in part because of the subsequent failure of some of the efforts at population control / birth control that began in Ehrlich’s era.

    So is it that you consistently fail to understand science, or that you fail to seek out good factual sources and to report them fairly, or are you just a propaganda pusher intentionally misrepresenting events? Because any time you use the word science, it is always wrong and frequently dishonestly represented.

    I’m betting that while making light of the tragedy of very real hunger in the world, you were bone ignorant of either the Indian or World Hunger index.

  4. Forget Reagan, or Churchill, or Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao — the guy who affected the world more than anyone else in the last century was Norman Borlaug.

  5. Humans exhale carbon dioxide, a global warming gas. The settled science proves the Earth can only handle so much of it and right now, we’re generating too much; hence, skyrocketing temperatures and impending doom unless we ration carbon credits.

    If everyone in India and Africa were to die off, there’d be much less exhaling going on. That would free up carbon credits for me. I’m beginning to get a glimmer of a Final Solution to the problem. Good old Tommy Malthus might have been onto something.

  6. Joe, I have a plan to stop glerbal werming.

    We could filter the CO2 out of the air and pump in into the empty skulls of moonbats. Millions of hectoliters of space going to waste in there.

  7. DG,

    At long last, you got something ALMOST right.

    It WAS dishonest of people to consider Ehrlich “settled science” 40-45 years ago.

    And it still is dishonest – or, rather, unscientific – to call “climate change” “settled” today.

    I’m not going to discuss it further until I have some indication that you’re actually going to engage in a dialog.

  8. India has a ton of bureaucratic governance problems and a terrible banking system that screws their economy. That is why they are hungry.

  9. “The author of recently published book The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of The Scandinavian Utopia, Booth says that he’d grown “really weary of the constant depiction of the Nordic countries as a kind of paradise on earth.” And so he set out to explore whether these countries were really as wonderful as they were described to be. The resulting book subverts several of the more conventional Nordic narratives, providing a more nuanced look at America’s favorite inspirational metaphor.”

    These guys will be interviewed here this weekend

  10. It just boggles the mind that DG actually believes that the atrocities caused by collectivization and the dictatorship of the proletariat in Ukraine (and a bunch of other countries at various times) were somehow caused by fascism and not Communism/socialism. I bet she believes that that Venezuela’s shortage of toilet paper is because there are no trees in their portion of the Amazon rainforest, too.

    (never mind that the differences between fascism and socialism are purely cosmetic)

    If she wanted to prove that Nancy Reagan was right by showing us her brain on drugs, she could have done little better. Sorry, Doggone, but while you are entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to your own set of facts.

  11. “And Nerdbert is wrong to make the claim that socialism is what resulted in the terrible deaths in the Ukraine under Stalin; that was fascism and authoritarianism. ”
    Of the laughable rubbish that DG has dropped on this page over the years that I have been a reader, this is the single clearest piece of evidence that she is either a true believer, an imbecile, or literally, clinically, psychotic.

  12. TFS,

    Not to mention that they won’t eat their cattle because they believe them to be the reincarnations of their dead relatives.

  13. Only a liberal can go from:
    1. Burning fossil fuels emits CO2
    2. CO2 is a greenhouse gas
    3. The government needs to ration carbon emissions.
    Se how they did that? Everybody in the world agrees that burning fossil fuels emits CO2, and that CO2 is a greenhouse gas.
    They think the interval between 2 & 3 and 1 &2 is identical.

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