Remember when liberals wanted government to stay out of peoples’ bedrooms?

Either do liberals:

Gone is the language of morals, tradition, and order—the state now intervenes in our sex lives bearing the mantles of safety, exploitation, and sex discrimination.

“We are living in a new sex bureaucracy,” warn Harvard Law School professors Jacob Gersen and Jeannie Suk in an upcoming paper for the California Law Review. Contra court decisions such as Lawrencev. Texas—which decriminalized sodomy in Georgia and affirmed a constitutional right to sexual privacy—”the space of sex” is still “thoroughly regulated” in America, they write. And “the bureaucracy dedicated to that regulation of sex is growing. It operates largely apart from criminal enforcement, but its actions are inseparable from criminal overtones and implications.”

Gersen and Suk’s paper, titled “Bureaucratic Sex Creep,” is mostly focused on federal overreach with regard to colleges and student sex lives, though they say this is only one realm of such regulatory creep. In great detail, the authors trace the roots of how the feds came to be in the business of encouraging “enthusiastic” sexual communication between teenagers and how everything from forcible rape to unwelcome comments between students became the prerogative of Washington paper-pushers and campus “Title IX coordinators.” This “bureaucratic turn” may be “counterproductive to the goal of actually addressing the harms of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment,” they warn, while also depriving due process to the accused and encouraging bizarre new sexual norms overall.

Bear with me here:  one of the cultural left’s favorite artistic conceits is the story of “Lysistrata”, the greek legend involving the women freezing the menfolk out of sex until they ended all war.  It’s one of those sanctimonious legends that feminists have held near and dear forever.

And like “class war” – their other big conceit – it turns out that there might be a grain of truth to it.  The opposite of anything the left ever predicted, but a grain.

In the case of class warfare, they got it; it’s on the gun issue, and they were on the side of the patricians, and they lost (so far).

As far as Lysistrata goes?  When college feminists take a breath from complaining about the nonexistent epidemic of sexual assault, they bemoan the growing disinterest of college-age men in relationships.

That’s right; the PC war on the male is being met…with Lysistrata in reverse!

And no – while upending a lefty conceit is singularly satisfying, in the long term it’s not a good thing.  More on that tomorrow.

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  1. Um, no – no evidence women are encountering a male Lysistrata phenomena.

    And no, promoting anti-rape culture is not a government over-reach. Rape and lack of sexual consent is a very real problem. Why are conservatives pro-rape, or at the very least not as strongly against it? There was a fascinating commentary on Charlie Rose on PBS last night where David Brooks criticized the horrible version of masculinity personified by Donald Trump as a candidate, noting vulgarity and brutishness, and the objectification of women as a sort of adjunct or trophy for the male image and ego.

    There is no PC war on males. More conservative whining they are victims when they are not. Pathetic.

    And no, you haven’t upended anything.

    FYI you don’t have to go back to a piece of fiction to see how women withholding sex has been effective in solving problems; it ended a war in Liberia.

  2. Whoops! Wrong link came through – apologies.
    “The Women of Liberia Withhold Sex and Stop a War…Video: Pray the Devil Back To Hell

    After starvation, public rape, and being forced to watch their husbands and children murdered and cannibalized, the women of Liberia stood up and stopped a 15 year civil war. Their tenacity and influence ripped through the red tape, brought UN troops to Liberian soil and put an end to the fighting.”
    “Organizers of the sex strike say they want to bring about the release of prisoners, and they want to motivate the men to take action against Gnassingbe. Ultimately, they want to see a true democratic change and the president to step down.
    The idea of using sex for political objectives is not new. Women, who throughout history have found themselves at a disadvantage with men holding most of the power, have long known that men have a special vulnerability when it comes to sex. Withholding sex has been used to achieve political goals before.”

    Let me know when you find an example of a male sex withholding equivalent being either substantive or effective.

    Not to be rude, but while I dearly value men for many reasons as appears to be true of most women, that value is not only or even primarily sexual. Let’s face it dear Mitch, in this day and age men are not only not essential for strictly sexual gratification, but that gratification can be better than some male partners. Just a suggestion, you might not want to overemphasize that.

    From the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Canada

    “Only about a third of women experience orgasm regularly during intercourse. A third can reach orgasm with intercourse but need extra stimulation. A third never achieve orgasm during intercourse but can by manual and oral stimulation. Having orgasms by means other than intercourse is a normal variation of female sexuality. In the past, people thought that “mature” women had their orgasms with intercourse; you will sometimes run across an older book that has this view. However, laboratory studies in the 1960’s showed that an orgasm is an orgasm no matter which way you obtain it. How a woman reaches an orgasm has nothing to do with her mental health or emotional maturity.”

  3. Rape accusations should be referred to law enforcement for investigation and possible . Agree or disagree, Dog Gone?

  4. dg, go make us a sammich. And listen, hon; those shirts ain’t gonna iron themselves.

  5. Bento Guzman, while rape accusations SHOULD be referred to law enforcement, the reality is that many are not, for reasons I find understandable on the part of the victim.
    So– a limited agree, whether the victim is a man or a woman.

    Agree or disagree, Bento, it is better to avoid and prevent rape in the first place? I commend the attempts to alter a pro-rape culture including a culture which condones or accepts taking advantage of a victim who is incapacitated.

    Agree or disagree Bento, as well, that other than perhaps in situations where it ends a long period of war and abuse, where nothing else has succeeded in ending the conflict, it is WRONG to use intimacy, affection or sex to manipulate one’s partner (long term or limited partner)? I find Mitch’s very premise not only flawed, but unethical and offensive, and sadly – typical of conservative thinking and belief.

    Swiftee, go sit in a corner and slap yourself; or play with your wife’s sex toys, until you can contribute something of value.

  6. dg, real women, like my wife, have no need of the kinds of items shunned wretches such as yourself depend on for intimacy; they have men.

    Now get going on those sammiches, make them ham and cheese, light mayo.

  7. Rape is a physical assault. I am surprised that DG minimizes it by identifying with ‘manipulating affection.’

  8. Doggone, here’s the Department of Education datasheet on Title IX.

    Things of note; the accused does not necessarily get a lawyer, but if he does, the accuser gets one, too. The legal standard is not “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”, but rather “preponderance of evidence”. The accuser is allowed to appeal an exoneration. None of this flies in criminal court, obviously.

    So yes, it’s rigged in favor of the accusers, and that’s why 73 men are currently suing for being expelled for clearly consensual sexual contact. Since it’s hard to get into a school with that kind of expulsion on your transcript for obvious reasons, it’s a lifelong penalty for perfectly legal behavior.

    The biggest victims, of course, are women, because this kind of thing intimidates decent men a lot more than sociopaths.

  9. It someone is raped, and their response is to see a title IX coordinater rather than the police, it clearly was not rape. You can’t have unaccountable bureaucrats deciding criminal legal matters.

  10. Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski touched a woman’s arm and is getting dragged into court.

  11. We are running full bore to Gomorrah at the same time we are becoming such prudes we’d make the a Puritan roll his eyes.

  12. I thought that Trump was smarter than that, DMA. As soon as these accusations hit the media, he should have filed suit against Fields.

  13. Sooner or later, dg is going to realize she is standing in a room full of men who take her for nothing more than an example of how loud some ignorant hens can be.

    Yes dear, we’re laughing at you.

  14. This is a shot across his bow. We got your guy for touching a girl. Imagine what we can get you on Mr. NYC Real estate Mongol.

    Criminal law is a political weapon. And if Trump doesn’t go away voluntarily some prosecutor somewhere will indict him for something.

    Prosecutors are so busy planning their next political take down campaign that they can’t be bothered with actual crime.

  15. DMA, Lewandowski was arrested because an officer of the law said that he left marks on the woman’s arm, not just because he touched her. Now this testimony may or may not hold up in court, but let’s not pretend that it’s just about “touching someone’s arm.” This is also the second time in the past month he’s been accused of manhandling a reporter by multiple witnesses. Moreover, scores of reporters are reporting about general thuggish tactics by fans and employees of “The Combover”.

    And if you want more legal abominations like Title IX, then keep working to shout these witnesses down. The motivation for those regulations, unconstitutional as it is in my view, lies in the historic reluctance to prosecute crimes of violence against women.

  16. But we aren’t living in historic times, bikebubba.
    How many men have been subjected to unwanted, aggressive sexual advances by a woman? I would bet most men have. Those days are long behind me, but I have. Women can be batshit crazy, especially if they’ve had a few drinks. These days I’d call the cops and charge her with sexual assault. Ever have a woman refuse to leave you alone until you talked to her? I have. These days I’d call the cops and have her arrested for assault. Ever have a woman strike you without provocation? I have. These days you bet I’d call the cops.

  17. Bento,

    I’m with you all the way through your last.


    Ever have a woman strike you without provocation? I have. These days you bet I’d call the cops.

    Rookie flub.

    Unless she was unlucky enough to give you a very black eye/bloody nose, or crazy enough to actually cut or shoot you, you’d likely be the one to go to jail.

  18. Oh, I can bang my own nose into a door as well as anyone.
    We live in a comic-opera world these days, don’t we?

  19. Lysistrata was, of course, the Classical equivalent of a comic opera.
    It did not really happen. The women did not stop a war by withholding sex.
    One of the things that turned me into a conservative was the discovery that, despite what I had been exposed to from pop-culture and pop-science, there never have been any societies where women were in charge. Matrilinear? Sure. In them olden days, you could never be quite sure who the father was, but you could be certain who the mother was. Did women sometimes hold important posts? Yes, but . . . those posts were religious offices. Public policy has always, everywhere, been the province of men. East Asia, Eskimos, ancient Africa, small Pacific islands, pre-Columbian North and South America – the men have always been in charge.

  20. “Oh, I can bang my own nose into a door as well as anyone.”
    Its a little more complex than that. If they hit you once try to get them to hit you several more times until their knuckles show bruises and abrasions, meanwhile get your arms up, defend yourself but do not strike your assailant – you want your hands to be bruise and abrasion free when the cops get there. One of the first things cops look at in any man/woman altercation is the hands – if yours are bruised you will go to jail – if only hers are bruised you stand a very good chance of watching her get cuffed and carted away. And because you can never know another person’s heart you can honestly say you “have no idea why she attacked me”. Whatever you do don’t make any contracts with the cops. A contract would be “I told her I supported Trump and then she hit me”. to some cops that translates to “I provoked her” and they will work that angle.

    It sounds messy but its a fast way to get people into jail.

    This from personal experience. I’ve had to deal with difficult people who thought they could get away with something again the way they had in the past.

  21. I will take that advice, Kel — though I won’t ever need it (with luck!).
    When I was a young feller, I had a girlfriend who was mostly okay, but after a glass or two of wine she would want to throw public scenes about imaginary slights. The one I remember involved me not reminding her to wear her seatbelt days earlier (this was in the early 80s). I literally could not stop her from starting a screaming fight in public.
    It always had to be in public.
    If we were driving, she would insist I stop the car and let her out on a crowded corner. When I drove away she would chase the car, swearing and throwing random objects from her purse after me.
    She was pre-med and the president of her sorority at the time. Her dad was retired engineer living off his patent royalties. It wasn’t a social class thing. It wasn’t ethnic, either. I believe that she was of Hungarian descent.
    We weren’t together long.

  22. Bento, I have to admit that I’ve never had anyone get that out of line. A couple of gals have pursued me when I didn’t want to be pursued, but saying “no” was about the end of it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that while I’m not a teetotaler, I’ve never really gotten into the bar/party scene.

    Which is, more or less, what I’d counsel a young man today. Keep relatively sober and avoid the beds of strange women, and you’re about 99.4% less likely to have this kind of trouble.

  23. Great advice, bb.

    I counseled my son on the same thing when he got around to liking girls. Thankfully, it stuck.

    He told me that there was a young woman that was pursuing him pretty hard in college. He kept brushing her off until she finally got the message and started chasing some other guy.

    My son later learned that the woman had a child by a guy who took off after she got pregnant. She was looking for a new daddy for the kid and support for her.

  24. BG, your defense of Lewandowski proves a point that a woman has to file a formal charge with police to be taken seriously. This was not just an isolated incident, nor was it “innocent”. Fields left her job and Ben followed her in support. You do not throw away carriers for nothing. Strumpet thrives on impropriety and conflict. It is someone I could never, ever support. I have already made my decision – there will be no holding the nose for me this election cycle. If Strumpet is a nominee, I am staying home. You will have to listen to DG’s cackles four more years, and with the demographic bomb, maybe forever.

  25. I would have never guessed you were a trumpkin, BG. Lewandowski is a symptom of a degenerate disease. Ever looked up who Roger Stone is? Yes, you should judge the person based on the company he keeps – and more specifically, HIRES. But then Strumpet is his own worst enemy, not that blind deaf and dumb trumpkins claiming he is an “outsider” would ever admit he is nothing but the “greatest at everything he ever did” and that he “loves” everyone. I thought it was not possible to wear less clothes than king 0bamanus, but Strumpet manages to beat him at that.

  26. “And if you want more legal abominations like Title IX,”

    You can Title IX me now or you can Title IX me later. Just shutting up is not working.

  27. The big reason to object to Drumpf isn’t the violence at his rallies, but rather the fact that he was encouraged to run by none other than Bill Clinton, and most of his political positions until a couple of months ago were indistinguishable from Hilliary’s. Some of them–support for Planned Infanticide–still are. Do the math; he’s a trick. All the rest is just a circus sideshow.

  28. JPA, I am not a Trumpkin. I will not vote for Trump. I like Cruz.
    But I hate media narratives. The media is not your friend. The media is not the friend of any conservative.
    And what I see is in the media is a narrative building that the problem is not Trump, it is the people who support Trump. They are being smeared as violent.

  29. BG – we agree on all counts. Media narrative is wrong (as usual) to paint all Strumpet supporters as violent – they are not. And yes, I wish MSM would not make a federal case out of it because it is not. But, in this specific incident, and I am talking Lewandowski, he is as nasty as they get and deserves to be taken down a notch. Of course, courts will decide if he is innocent or guilty, not that this matter will ever get to court, especially since Strumpet just claimed pen Fields was holding could have been a bomb.

  30. Bikebubba wrote:
    “Which is, more or less, what I’d counsel a young man today. Keep relatively sober and avoid the beds of strange women, and you’re about 99.4% less likely to have this kind of trouble.”
    Some blogger (I forget which one) wrote that his advice to the fathers of boys was to locate the Land of the Crazy Girls, and then to tell his sons where it was, where the opposite point on the globe was, and herd them towards that opposite point.

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