Saint Paul Schools: Safety Rally

There’s going to be a rally for better safety in the Saint Paul Public School, on Tuesday, 3/22:


Date: March 22, 2016
Time: 5:30 P. M.
Location: 360 Colborne Street, St. Paul
Come join us in supporting Safe Schools in St. Paul and let our school board know that we demand Safe Schools in St. Paul.  So far this year 19 St. Paul Public School employees have been injured by students and two have had to hospitalized due to serious head injuries.  Enough is enough!  We are demanding revised discipline policies for the protection of our students and staff.  Our schools need have a safe learning environment for our children and the workplace needs to be safe for our teachers and staff.
Let’s show the SPPS school board that we care about having a safe learning environment for both students and staff!  Join us on March 22, 2015 at 5:30 P. M. at St. Paul Public School Board meeting and let them know that we want Safe Schools NOW!
Tell your friends and neighbors!
Sponsored by the St. Paul Republican Party

I’m gonna be there.  I hope you will too – whether you live in St. Paul or not.  It’s everyone’s tax money going into this cesspool.

9 thoughts on “Saint Paul Schools: Safety Rally

  1. It takes a special sort of school administration to bring liberal Democrat teachers,, and conservative Republicans together.

  2. What can be done? I am guessing what you’ll hear back is that the district will be sued by the USDOJ if they start punishing people fairly. They’ve enacted their “disparate impact” theory in Rochester, too, and we’re waiting here for all Hell to break loose.

  3. Teachers I can understand, but Move On? And sponsored by the Republican Party??? Great move!

  4. To clarify… is sponsoring (?) a petition to have Silvia and anther administrator removed. Republicans are just supporting the teachers and opposing the goofy SPPS policies. The they are not all working together, just have similar goals. At least short term goals.

    OT but SITDers may enjoy this. Do a search on “UC-Davis Sumo Wrestling” and read the article from the campus newspaper. Seriously, I thought it was an Onion article.

  5. Further evidence, were any necessary, of why the single most important thing you can do in this life is to get your kidz/grandkidz out of the government skoolz.

  6. Nightwriter wrote:
    Maybe some Moms could Demand Action?

    And I’m just the man to give it to them!
    As soon as they make me a sammich.

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