Apropos Not Much

Rubio, this morning.

As Leon Wolf notes in Redstate:

This isn’t the menacing, scowling attacks that have been leveled at Trump before, it’s treating Trump like he deserves to be treated: like a joke. Like an object of particularly funny scorn and ridicule.

Watch and enjoy:

13 thoughts on “Apropos Not Much

  1. This is hail Mary. After Tuesday it won’t matter. If Trump wins as big as the polls say that he will on Tuesday, it’s all over in the GOP.
    Can he win against Hillary? I dunno. The oddsmakers say ‘no’.
    But by pure luck, and the idiocy of our parties establishments, Trump may have hit that zone where the more he is attacked, the more popular he will become.
    If Trump gets the nod and wins, the dem political establishment will be in the same boat as the GOP establishment is now. Where are these voters coming from? How did we !@#$% up so badly that we let them get away?

  2. He may or may not be heard, but Rubio’s making a great point that Trump is, when angered, all but illiterate. I will be caucusing for Rubio.

  3. If somebody – anybody – had managed to do this four months ago, we’d talking about a vastly different race.

    But much like when Ventura ran in 1998, the assumption of his collapse became taken as such an established fact that nobody bothered to do the things that would lead to such a collapse. By the time people realized the threat was real, it was simply too late.

    If Trump does win the nomination, I seriously worry about the down-ballot implications.

  4. Rubio had a good night; however, it’s a little too late in the campaign. He might pick up a few votes on Super Tuesday, but those votes will likely be from the “undecideds”, not from Trump’s support which is pretty solidified at this point.

  5. If Trump wins the nomination, I’ll have to weigh my options for November.
    1) Obviously horrible SCOTUS nominations that will have long lasting impacts on this country.
    2 Further destruction of the GOP brand, possibly permanent, just when it seems we might be turning the corner, combined with a slight possibility of non-horrible SCOTUS nominations that will have long lasting impacts on this country.

    All I know is that I won’t be voting “D” on my ballot.

  6. On Fox and Friends this morning, they had Prof. Helmut Norpoth at Stony Brook U who predicts that there is a 97 – 99% chance of becoming POTUS. His prediction is based on a historical model that has been proven accurate going back to 1912.

  7. Voter preference ballot for me


    Mickey Mouse
    Donald Duck
    Ace Ventura

    Donald Trump
    Hillary Clinton
    Bernie Sanders

  8. What about the huge coalition of voters that have rallied under Trump’s banner? Trump isn’t the problem, the problem is whatever made people feel that Trump is their only hope for political representation in the first place. Either way he’s a part of the democratic process, like it or not. Without demagogues, all people have left is militias.

  9. C’mon POD!

    The middle three candidates are actual Democrat voters and they voted in every precinct in the U.S. and its territories in the last two national election cycles. Most likely, they also voted in gubernatorial elections, too.

  10. I’m reading that Romney may be persuaded to step in if Trump wins on Tuesday. I voted for Romney in 2012 and would be happy to do so again in 2016. Seems like a decent bloke.
    No more Ryan though. Romney-Fiorina could beat Hillary like a toy drum.

  11. Or hear is another idea! A fusion ticket! Romney-Biden!
    Ol’ Slow Joe seems to like the job, is happy being beta-male, and he is, in the main, pretty harmless.

  12. What about the huge coalition of voters that have rallied under Trump’s banner?

    I love it. Our resident dim wit takes notice that his playpen is full of other dim wits.

    People are leery about intelligence testing to vote, but how about just disqualifying people who walk in with their shoes on the wrong feet?

    That might be the only time we ever hear Emery Dik say “that’s not my work”.

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