Attention, DFL Voters

I’m not sure whether to react to stories like this with compassion, or contempt.

I’m leaning towards contempt.

Note to all you clueless people who voted DFL: when you vote for socialism, government will act like… a socialist government.

Socialists gonna socialize!

8 thoughts on “Attention, DFL Voters

  1. this is very indicative of the totalitarian bureaucratic mindset in MN:

    “But that’s not the navigators’ responsibility anyway, Moracco said.
    “The navigator’s job is to help folks get enrolled,” he said. “It’s not their role to explain all the provisions.”

  2. Bernie Madoff is thinking “wow, I wish I would have come up with this scam”.

    But as we have been saying all along. “If you think health care is expensive now, what until it is free.” This is a perfect example of that.

  3. Here’s the best part IMO:

    Ironically, had the Rayburns’ income been a little higher, they would have been bumped up into MinnesotaCare, with low premiums and no estate claims.

    Kudos to the DNT for printing this.

  4. Anyone that signs on the dotted line for free stuff deserves all the grief that comes with it.

  5. Damned if they don’t (with big fat federal fines) damned if they do (by bitter vindictive fools).

  6. The fact that Bernie or Trump’s practicals don’t add up has ceased to matter to most American voters.

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