6 thoughts on “We’re Finally #1!

  1. Mine went up 30%. And I didn’t use it once last year. But thank God I have that pregnancy, mental health, and in home care covered that Obamacare mandates.

  2. Hike of 47%…..OK, is this because we’re learning the hard way that our uninsured had bigger problems than average, or is this because Governor Dayton and his minions were shafting insurance companies before in order to get re-elected? I’m thinking a hefty dose of both.

  3. Minnesota rates up 47.7%

    Wisconsin rates up 6.5%

    When Ocare started, Minnesota was firmly under the thumbs of Democrats and Republican ruled Wisconsin. When Ocare started, Minnesota Democrats were loudly trumpeting that their Ocare rates were 25% lower than Wisconsin. Over the last two years, the Minnesota advantage has evaporated.

    Two questions:
    1) How much of a role did politics play in the initial rates in the two states? After all, insurance companies had a big part in pushing for Ocare and had/have massive incentives to make it look attractive.
    2) When will the DFL address their Ocare competitiveness with Wisconsin’s? I’m guessing sometime after the thermodynamic death of the universe, but I’m still curious.

  4. Bert: The problem with a thermodynamic death of the universe is cockroaches and government agencies are immune. Future interplanetary visitors will be greeted by bureaucrat robots asking for their social security number and DOB before being allowed to explore our dead civilizations.

  5. Intended consequences. Did you see financial reports from United and Humana? When Health Insurance companies go under, where will people turn? Single payer system of course. “If you want your insurance, you can keep your insurance” Lie #21,487

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