RIP Alan Rickman

When a great actors dies?  Well, that’s Sheila O’Malley’s turf.  And she’s got Alan Rickman’s obit over at  I loved the graf about my favorite Rickman film, Truly, Madly, Deeply, which was his American big-screen follow-up to Die Hard:

Rickman could have had a nice career playing villains. But 1990’s “Truly Madly Deeply”, directed byAnthony Minghella, upended expectations. Rickman played Jamie, the ghost of Juliet Stevenson’s dead lover. Stevenson’s character had been grieving the loss for a year, and one night she sits down to play the piano. As she plays, a cello suddenly starts up off-screen, and “Jamie,” who had played the cello in real life, is seen sitting behind her. The reunion that follows is one of such wrenching emotion that it puts “Ghost” to shame. It’s barely romantic. They clutch and hold, they weep and coo, they sob. As “Jamie,” Rickman is both hilarious (he’s always freezing, always cranky) and tragic (if she can’t let him go, then he really can’t let her go.) An entire new world opened up for Alan Rickman, at least in terms of the audience who had only seen him in a gigantic blockbuster as a multinational terrorist-villain. When Jamie says to Nina, “Thank you for missing me,” his tone is quiet and thoughtful, but Rickman filled the line with a sense of almost humility: “This fabulous woman grieved ME this intensely? I have this much value?” His line-reading cracks open the heart of the film.

A sample of his Shakespearean work:

More temporal?

RIP, Alan Rickman.

8 thoughts on “RIP Alan Rickman

  1. We’ll forgive his transgression into pallywood territory. I am sure St. Peter will sort it out for him. RIP.

  2. Hated him as Marsden in Quigley Down Under…, which means he did a great acting job with his character.

  3. Since cancer cure seems to be coming from Israel (see latest on prostate cancer), Rickman would have had to pass…

  4. My favorite Rickman film is “Truly, Madly Deeply.” There was a short exchange in it that struck me as truly funny and still does.

    Nina: What’s the government got to do with anything?
    Jamie: I hate the bastards.
    Nina: You’re dead, and you’re still into party politics?

  5. I, too, Emery, have noticed a suspicious lack of media scrutiny of the connection between Obama and the Bowie-Rickman-Haggerty deaths.
    I can’t help but notice that the Bengazi movie was released just in time to provide a distraction.
    Wheels within wheels, my friend. Wheels within wheels.

  6. I thought the scene where Clinton and Obama met with the Libyan insurgents to plan the attack on the compound seemed realistic.

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