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…is being treated as a sign of how very out-of-touch and cripplingly politically-correct Chicago, and the city’s airport authority, are:  airport cops – who are unarmed at O’Hare and Midway Airports – are being instructed to scamper away and hide in the event of a mass shooting at either airport:

“If evacuation is not possible, you should find a place to hide where the active shooter is less likely to find you. Block entry to your hiding place and lock the door,” but Matt Brandon, secretary-treasurer of the airport officers union, told CNN they have serious issues with the protocol.

“These men and women are sent to the Chicago police academy, and trained as police officers, and being a former police officer, I know your first instinct is to go to the problem — not run away from the problem.”

On the other hand?  I think every cop in America should be given the opportunity to contemplate facing a mass shooting with nothing but their wits and charm…

…well, no.  Not every cop in America.

Just every urban police chief.

Every urban police chief – the ones the gun grabbers always cite as supporting gun control – should be inveighed spend some time in a “gun free zone” as a “gun-free” person.  Not as a Blue Noble with the power of life and death.  No – just like every other schlub.

Failing that, though?  Unarmed cops at two of the major airports in one of the biggest “gun-free” cities / crime cesspools in the country?

Just brilliant.

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  1. The future of policing in America is this: boss taxpayers around like high school hall monitors. If they resist, retreat to your safe place and call in a drone to kill the resisting tax payer, his family, and anyone else that is nearby.

  2. This is not only an excellent policy but should be a model for police everywhere. If we want to reduce the number of Black men shot by police, then take guns away from the police, duh. Plus, if the police lay down their weapons, it’ll signal society’s desire for peaceful conflict resolution and that will enable suspects to calmly submit to arrest. Cops probably won’t even need handcuffs anymore, things will be so mellow. I’m certain this will work: the problem is we simply haven’t tried it enough.

  3. It’s especially important to implement this for SWAT teams. Instead of Urban Assault Vehicles, they should drive VW busses with Wellstone stickers. Instead of flash-bang grenades, they should have Peace Drums (and there should be more authentic Native Americans on the SWAT team to do the drumming). Instead of Hostage Negotiators on the phone, there should be Community Organizers and Crisis Managers to help hostage-takers work through their childhood troubles. Anybody who disagrees with me is a hater.

  4. If I remember my American History correctly, Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry never carried a gun. And he never felt the need to shoot anyone. And no one ever got shot.
    Given the Democrat’s massive love of television in general and Big Government worshiping television shows like the “West Wing”, “Madame Secretary” and “Colbert”; it should be easy to convince them to disarm the cops based on TV Sheriff Andy’s example.

  5. Now come on, Selfores. Someone got shot in Mayberry; specifically Barney’s foot. Duh.

    Seriously, I’m guessing that this is going to leave a mark on O’Hare’s business of connecting flights. How big, who knows, but either a mark is left, or the policy is rescinded.

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