Dear Democrats

To: Democrat Party

From: Mitch Berg, cantankerous peasant

Re: A Heartfelt Request

Do you Democrats,

Please, please, please, please please please nominate Bernie Sanders for president.

He is the only candidate genuinely acceptable to real progressives – and you are real progressive, aren’t you?

Just saying – given Senator Sanders keen grasp of the issues, it be insane not to nominate him.


That is all.

13 thoughts on “Dear Democrats

  1. No one should trust their economic security to a man who doesn’t understand the difference between and pricing of Secured versus Unsecured Debt.
    Can’t blame Bernie though; the Current Occupant and the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives don’t understand Risk Management and Insurance. He will get a pass from our Democrat Party Dominated Media Culture who don’t understand “Finance” either (that’s what their agent and accountant takes care of).

  2. Live inperson trading is almost dead anyway. You don’t go to downtown Mpls to make transactions in the grain markets. Most everything can be done electronically from your office. So it’d be easy to move the markets out of Wall St/NYC and to a more business friendly nation. And like the inversion issue, the gov’t will try to deal with that, but only cause more problems.

    A big issue here is we have a candidate for president who views the capital markets as evil. A wealthy white man who lives in a nice house in Vermont. And has no clue how his cushy life was possible. The more I read what Ronald Reagan wrote and said over the course of his life, the more I realize how he understood what made America the greatest nation ever. Bernie is the opposite of this.

  3. After reading this…
    I am convinced that this is what will happen. Hillary gets indicted right before super Tuesday AND will be forced to drop out, with Sanders as a lock for the nomination, it.would seem, Biden is begged by the moderate dems to save the day. Lots of backroom deals are done and Biden manages to squeak in on the first ballot of the convention with Elizabeth Warren as his VP, locking down her delegates. Sanders and company throw a massive (and even justifiable) tantrum and it’s 1968 all over again with a moderate nominee that will get slaughtered in the general because he’s running for a 3rd Obama term. And I haven’t even watched the west wing before where I believe something similar to this happened.

  4. Mitch is all “Calgon take me away!” – dreaming it’s the *Democrats* who are on the verge of nominating an inexperienced loony to run the whole show. Hey, good luck with Trump. Angryclown really sees that working out for you.

  5. Wow look who emerged, Trump has as much of a shot as Sanders getting the nomination, maybe less.

  6. Guess you disregard polls as readily as climate science, moon-walk videos and all standards of personal hygiene, Prince of Dumbass. Good luck with that!

  7. I don’t think Bernie is temperamentally suited to being the president. He doesn’t strike me as the manager type, and the US government is an awfully big thing to manage. Bernie doesn’t strike me as a multitasking delegator.

  8. Have to imagine the Democrats are concerned about Hillary’s coming indictment and Bernie’s chances if they giving Angryclown access to the pedo farm’s computer lab again.

  9. But then again, there’s Rubio and Cruz, both freshmen senators with no executive experience. What could go wrong?

  10. See, that’s why we love assclown, right there.

    Who else could link references to ManBearPig, Hollywood’s favorite pedophile and Hillary Clottin’s bathroom habits together all in one post?

    The man is a treasure.

  11. Say assclown? Serious question.

    Where do you come down an NYC’s ban on Hot Pockets? Clearly, DeBlasio knows what’s best for y’all; no one is disputing that.

    But don’t Ezra Klien and the editors of Mother Jones and The New Republic have the right to earn a living?

    What do you think?

  12. The scary thing is that eight years ago, we were all stunned to think that a guy whose only real job had been as a community organizer, and whose politics were clearly closing in on Fidel Castro’s, could ever be considered for the job. And here we are; clearly nobody ever went broke because he underestimated the intelligence of American Democrats.

  13. But since AC has joined us, it is somewhat odd to think that someone who votes for the hippie party is under the impression that it is Republicans who are against personal hygiene. Just sayin’.

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