Selective Vapors

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

People who enter the United States without proper documentation (sneaking across the border from Mexico, for example) can apply for affirmative political asylum.  Asylum decisions are made by immigration court but the system is swamped so applicants are given a notice to appear for a future court date and released.  While the court case is pending, they can live anywhere in the country and can work while waiting for a decision.  If they miss their court date, or if they appear but fail to persuade the court, they are denied asylum and an order is issued to remove them from the country.  The Obama administration reports these people as “deported” and claims this proves the administration has been vigorously enforcing the immigration law.

But many who were ordered to leave do not leave, maybe as many as a million.  Failure to obey the court order is a crime: they are now truly illegal aliens.  They hide in sanctuary cities, where law enforcement is forbidden to check their status.  They work illegally, shop at food shelves, feed their children at public school – three meals a day in some districts – and receive medical care at emergency rooms. They are waiting for the next wave of amnesty.

After months of pounding by Donald Trump, President Obama now proposes to enforce those court orders by finding and removing the people who have exhausted their due process rights and shouldn’t be in the United States any more.  Democrats are aghast.

My question: what is the Democrat vision of America?  If we refuse to exercise control over our borders, if we reject the immigration court’s decision, if we accept any immigrant at any time for any reason . . . what makes us America anymore?

Joe Doakes

They’re trying to obscure that as fast as they can.

4 thoughts on “Selective Vapors

  1. There is no country without a border, no citizenry, nor a need for a Constitution. That is an end run for a DemoncRat. Their goal is in their name, hiding in plain sight – a Democracy – a state of anarchy where things get done by mob rule. Founding fathers never envisioned Democracy for our country, that is why they went to great length to make it a representative Republic and to limit the power of government..

  2. Open borders to “fundamentally change” our country. Reduce the influence of white Christians. To import 30,000,000 Democrat voters.
    I still say we need dormitories built on Summit Ave to house illegal aliens.

    Funny thing….one of the most liberal guys I know choose to live in a Republican leaning suburb. He admits he likes it there due to lower taxes and good schools. He’s fine with open borders, as long as the school his kids go to isn’t overrun by 3rd world people who don’t speak English.

  3. Like most things in the Obama paradigm, what IS is whatever they say it is. Good intentions suffice, end of story, pass the bong.

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