Climate Change Via Hunter S. Thompson

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Driving SUVs burns fossil fuels gives off carbon, which causes a greenhouse effect, which heats the planet, causing global warming.

Except the planet isn’t getting warmer, according to temperature measurements.

Ah, but that’s because driving SUVs burning fossil fuels also gives off sulfate aerosols which cool the local area where they’re generated and therefore causes artificially low temperature readings, masking the extent of heating elsewhere around the world.

End result: global warming is worse than we thought because it’s hidden.  Secret Global Warming.  So hand over your money, quick!

I preferred “epicycles,” that was a more elegant solution to explain why the theory was correct in spite of the evidence.

Joe Doakes

I have a hunch Hunter S. Thompson’s legendary Samoan Lawyer is behind it all.  “It’s not necessary for you to understand the theory, or even that it be legitimate.  Merely that you keep the checks coming”.

5 thoughts on “Climate Change Via Hunter S. Thompson

  1. Funny that studies are showing that hybrid and electric cars pollute more in some cases than cars using just internal combustion engines. Of course, the gloBULL warming crowd can’t let the useful idiots learn that. Their meme would be corrupted.

  2. They are just making shit up as they along. False data, fairies and unicorns, and libturds just eat this up. And why not? Libturds have no capability of critical thinking, or thinking for themselves.

  3. “Merely that you keep the checks coming”.
    I read this week where over the past 3 years, Obama has spent $700,000,000 to promote homosexual causes in foreign countries. What the hell can you spend $700,000,000 on to promote gay sex? Did we get receipts on where the money went? What did they purchase with it? Don’t tell me we the gov’t doesn’t have enough money.

  4. Speaking of keeping the checks coming….

    St. Paul goes full PC and decides that suspending kids based on violence is racial discrimination and stops it.

    St. Paul students start going wild. Violence escalates to the point where the teachers begin to want to find new pet DFLers into office to reverse the policy (they’ve almost been mugged).

    But the teachers union isn’t fast enough in replacing their pet politicians and a teacher gets a concussion and brain injury from being battered and choked unconscious. That teacher is now suing the school district for creating an unsafe work environment. Seems like a slam dunk case to me, and it’s not like everyone (other than “progressives”) didn’t see this coming.

  5. Interesting you would suggest Hunter S. Thompson is responsible for this epicycle of global warming convolution. Though a modest fan of Thompson’s, this presumes he has gained enough prestige in the darkness of hell to be allowed to send us a message.

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