No Problem Here. Move Along, Citizen.

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Grandma, what a big passport printer you have.  The better to vet you with, my dear.

I’m sure it’s no problem, the authorities will just  cross check any person coming in from those countries against the court records from there.  They (Syria, Libya, Pakistan, …) have computerized, up to date, accurate records of every criminal and suspected terrorist online and available to the TSA don’t they?

Joe Doakes

As the US gets more fussy about American citizens showing their papers on demand, it’s funny – funny weird, not funny ha ha – that they’re getting less so with foreigners.

4 thoughts on “No Problem Here. Move Along, Citizen.

  1. Remember: The people administering VA benefits are the same people who claim to have a handle on immigration.

  2. I’ve got a family friend that married a Brit. There’s apparently some issue getting him longer/permanent status (apparently records from a 3rd country about his lack of illegal behavior came from the wrong ministry).
    I recommended that he start making some anti-American posts on social media. That should get him cleared ASAP. Unfortunately, he’s a white male.
    Interestingly, he repeatedly been advised to contact Senator Franken’s office and to afford Senator Klobuchar’s office. Apparently Amy’s constituent services isn’t very good.

  3. Our nuttiness regarding immigrants is just hilarious; we’re letting a bunch of people come in from nations with no credible information on criminal records, but when a friend of mine returned from Germany after having earned a German driver’s license, the state of Minnesota in its finite wisdom assumed that she, having learned to navigate the Autobahn safely, was incompetent here. Go figure.

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