First Amendment: Abolished In Saint Paul

I’m not a big Donald Trump fan.

No.  Really .  Not.  A.  Fan.

But I’m reminded of Churchill’s statement about Stalin; he didn’t care for him, but if Satan were Hitler’s enemy, Churchill would at least do lunch with him.

And so the Saint Paul City Council might be responsible for me doing  lunch with The Donald, after they put their own special carve-out in the First Amendment:

The St. Paul City Council will vote Wednesday on a resolution that condemns presidential candidate Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric and declares Trump unwelcome within the city limits….[Councilman Dai Thao] acknowledged on Thursday he had not yet touched base with fellow council members on the resolution. “We think it will pass,” he said. “St. Paul has always been welcoming to immigrants.”

But not, apparently, dissent in any form.

Dear Mr. Trump:  While I won’t be voting for you at caucuses, I beg of you; please, please, please come to Saint Paul (aka “Chicago on the Mississippi”).  Call these morons on their bluff.

It’d be the show of the century.

It’s another big win for urban liberal privilege.

19 thoughts on “First Amendment: Abolished In Saint Paul

  1. Next they’ll declare Global Warming unwelcome in St. Paul. That should take care of that.

    What are they going to do if Trump crosses the St. Paul border “illegally”? Have one of their cops shoot him?

  2. They officially welcome illegal aliens. Have no problem with welfare people from Chicago. Have Fat Dave Thune who invited domestic terrorists to come to St Paul during the RNC. And on and on and on. But they are trying to ban a major presidential candidate from setting foot in the city?

    I think Trump would be a disaster as president. But the hatred the left has, especially Big Media……I’m starting to support him. Still don’t want him to be president, but it is fun watching the loony left’s collective heads explode.

  3. Oh…and has the St Paul city council said anything about the extreme violence in the government run schools? Or are they cool with the assaults?

  4. The horrors, Chuck!

    They can’t possibly expect the entitled, spoiled offspring of their minions to be held accountable for anything. After all, many of these poor little miscreants have problems at home, so preventing them from assaulting teachers and staff, would be unfair!

  5. I think I’ll write a letter to my Congressmen, and suggest since St. Paul, MN considers itself a Constitution free zone, federal funding should be cut off.

    Since Chris Coleman pays the bills for his asshat dance of a city on the backs of the state and federal taxpayers, I’m guessing even the thought of the honey wagon detouring around him would cause a massive coronary.

    Honestly, these slobs should spend some time in cages.

  6. Yeah? Have they stood up to protest the Annexation of Schleswig-Holstein? NO! Until they do, the City Council’s silly posturing is nothing to me. No Schleswig, No Justice!

  7. “St. Paul has always been welcoming to immigrants.”

    Unless they happened to live on Rondo Avenue.

  8. Of course last year they passed a resolution supporting the Indians over the white folk in the 1862 Dakota war. So apparently German and Norwegian immigrants who were murdered in SW Minnesota don’t count.

    So if an America Indian Movement activist murders a Muslim immigrant, which side is the good guy?

  9. I’ve lived in small towns and big cities. Its amazing the difference in city councils. Small town city leaders need to be very smart and creative. They have limited budgets and have to really work to keep a city in good shape. It up to the council members to figure out how to provide city services at a good price, or how to develop an industrial park. That sort of thing.

    Big city councils tend to have a lot of nut jobs on them. They have well paid professionals running city departments, so all the councils have to do is vote on things. They don’t actually create anything of value. Hence you get people like Phyllis Kahn and Fat Dave Thune on the boards.

  10. I attended a City Council meeting in Rockford (pop. 5,000, just over the Wright county line west of Hennepin County) where the residents were enraged that the streets weren’t plowed and sanded by 6:00 a.m. so they could commute to work so the Council called Public Works on the carpet to get their priorities clear. In Saint Paul . . . .

  11. So if an America Indian Movement activist murders a Muslim immigrant, which side is the good guy?
    Both are good guys, Chuck. The murderer is the racist white power system.

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  13. Bento,
    Berg has been banned from Minnesota insofar as our senile governor, Mark Dayton, officially declared all who oppose his immigration policy unwelcome in Minnesota and wished we would all pack up. We’re dealing with infantile public discourse in Minnesota.
    Go Trump!

  14. Oh for crying out loud. If the Donald came to St. Paul wanting to build a soccer stadium and demanded only a .25 pecent sales tax addition to the Capital City Denizens, why you could scrape enough councilmember lipstick off his bum to fill 25 Revlon tubes.

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