Beware The Un-President

The old big-“L” Libertarian dream is to have no president at all in the White House; to just let the executive branch almost completely wither away.

Of course, in the era of Hope ‘n Change, there’s no danger of the executive branch going the way of the Dodo, Vanilla Ice or Crispin Glover.

But is Barack Obama the un-President?

It is important that the nation is suddenly awakening to the possibility that the president has no real plan for anything whatsoever, and never did. He literally seems to be making it up as he goes along, and his strategy is to do nothing at all but procrastinate.

In the recent past, we have watched the White House and its branch offices gaze glassily past Iran, the Taliban, North Korea and Moscow in hot pursuit of their real enemy, which appears to be the dissenting media.

Economic policy, formerly the purview of rooms that at least contained Larry Summers, is now directed by a Chicago-hood playground pal named Valerie, and its focus is on the compensation levels of 200 people.

Joe Biden is the commander in chief.

Of course, the problem with un-Presidents, especially un-Presidents who get in too deep in foreign affairs, is that eventually they have to prove they’re not un-Presidents.  John F. Kennedy was dubious at best at foreign affairs; after getting a huge black eye at the Bay of Pigs, he approved sending troops to Vietnam – for the quick win, naturally, to show that he was really in charge.  Carter, of course, embarked on the Desert One debacle.

What’ll Obama do to show that he’s really not a pretty suit in a fancy office?

4 thoughts on “Beware The Un-President

  1. Mitch, any thoughts on Obama’s almost daily appearences to give money away? Today it is corporate welfare to Big Utility. What will it be tomorrow? What happens when there is no more money to give away?

  2. I tell anyone who is willing to listen that Obama just ain’t that smart. Yes, he graduated summa cum laude from Harvard, but when you try to look at the accomplishments & marks that would be part of a hot-shot lawyer or politician’s career, there is nothing there. We don’t know his grades at Occidental & Columbia. They certainly weren’t outstanding, and that makes one wonder how he got a coveted Harvard Law slot. At Harvard he left no record of scholarship. He was selected to be an editor of HLR based on criteria that are not at all clear. He was elected president & chief editor of HLR, a position that requires only that you are an editor and you get more votes than the other editors. He was offered tenure on hire at UC Law without having published a single piece of legal scholarship. He chose instead to be a lecturer, not a professor, while he pursued a career in politics.
    And what did he achieve in politics? Nothing, really. His record is that of a typical urban pol in a state noted for its corruption.
    Obama is not a pretty suit, he’s an empty suit. He’s already reverted to the strong-arm, back-room maneuvering tactics of a small time politician. He reached his level of competence as the State senator representing Illinois 13th district.

  3. What happens when there is no more money to give away?

    Surely you jest! He’ll just print more!

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