5 thoughts on “A Dollar Short

  1. Our minor infractions (traffic, petty misdemeanors) are handled by Justices of the Peace. Often, JOP facilities are repurposed storefronts.

    When you are serious about getting the most out of your tax dollars, and keeping those tax dollars to a minimum, you find much low hanging fruit.

  2. Maybe graduates of St. Paul Public?

    I’m with Swiftee. It’s appalling how nice they build buildings up here that the government/school district is really only going to use about 20 years. Say, if you’re not going to use it for 100 years, how about “stick built” instead of brick?

  3. We have a part-time, amateur legislature. Why can’t they do their business in a rented pole barn outfitted with cubicles, like part-time amateur businesses everywhere else?

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