For years, I’ve been listening to my various liberal friends grunt and shriek in horror as various school boards around the country adopt policies that call for their various school districts to recognize, in one curricular form or another, the existence of creationism.

To which I’ve responded with two questions:

“First – if someone who’s refinishing your driveway, or checking out your groceries, or working on the app that you use to calculate your heart rate, is a young earth creationist [because the type of liberals who always huff and puff about creationism tend to own fitbits, naturally, believe everyone who isn’t like them is in the service class], what difference does it make to you?”

The answer, generally, is something with pretensions to altruism with overtones of intellectual thuggery; “we want everyone in our society to start with the same basis of actual knowledge,” or some such.

Which leads to my second question: “So – let’s say that you go to the hospital with a life-threatening aneurysm in your brain.  And as you’re getting ready for surgery to stent a weak spot in a cranial artery to prevent it blowing like a water balloon, killing you in less time than it takes me to say this, you find out that your brain surgeon – a person who spent four years in a hypercompetitive hard-science-based pre-med program vying for a seat in a medical school, and then four more in a medical program designed to weed out the non-hackers, and not only surviving the cut but doing it brilliantly enough to get accepted to post-doctorate training and residency as a brain surgeon, and then years of experience operating on peoples’ brains – is a creationist?  Do you get up off the operating table, loudly proclaim “you, madame, have no respect for science!” and walk away, looking for a non-creationism brain surgeon?”

There was a time when it was a hypothetical question.  Ben Carson, the media is jumping up and down to remind us, is an old-earth creationist (who abjures ruling out a very old earth).  And – as the Clinton’s praetorian guard is reminding us these days, he believes a few other oddball things.

Now, Carson isn’t my guy at this point, although he’d be a better President than anyone on the Democrat ticket.

But let’s acknowledge a few things; he’s a very smart guy.  Literally, a brain surgeon.  To quote a less brilliant candidate, “that’s f****ng huge!”    But he believes in creationism, and that pyramids were used as granaries.


But I have a quesiton: is that any wackier than believing you can offer free college tuition without blowing up the deficit and distorting the higher education market out of recognition?  Or in believing that storing classified emails in a bathroom and telling the American people that the Benghazi attack was caused by an anti-Muslim video were good ideas?

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  1. Mr Obama. You’ve mentioned your cocaine use in your books. Who did you buy from? Can you discuss the details of your dealer? Were any police killed by someone in your supply chain?

    Hillary. You have said several times that your hero is Margaret Sanger. Here is a photo of Sanger speaking at a KKK rally, surrounded by hooded Knights of the KKK. Care to discuss?

  2. Presumably all of the people who are making a big deal about whatever Carson said about the pyramids, are now willing to say that believing that the Koran is the word delivered by the angel Gabriel to an unlettered, cave dwelling Arab named Mohamad makes a person unfit for the presidency?

  3. Perhaps Obama or Hillary might be asked about this Jesus person that they believe to be the son of God?

  4. The answer is that creationism is not science, doesn’t use the scientific method to arrive at its conclusions. Are we to include ghostbusting and the hunt for Bigfoot in our school curricula just because there are people who believe in those activities and there are cable TV shows devoted to them? Put creationism in its proper context and place it in the history of religious thought. I don’t need high tech science to deflate creationism. Go to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, look at the tiny yellow brown ribbon of the Colorado a mile below and try to convince yourself that it was created six thousand years ago. Seriously.

  5. Never ceases to amaze me that people who are supposedly enlightened and inspired are willing to ignore the last 160 years of scientific progress and cling fervently to Darwin – only because Darwin’s idea leave wiggle room for man as the top of the pyramid.

    If Darwin were alive today he would be apologizing.

  6. My position is simple: the people who pay for the schools should choose what is taught in them. The federal or even a state government cannot determine metaphysical truth. It is beyond their paygrade. Parents and local taxpayers may not be able to determine metaphysical truth, but unlike education bureaucrats, they have to live with the consequences of schooling children poorly.

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