4 thoughts on “Nick Coleman Knows Stuff…

  1. Non-Monkey knows that the invitation to blog at my place still stands. He’d be about the 6th best blogger on the site, but I’m sure that Fearless Maria could teach him a few things. He could also blog at Grumpy Old Men, but first he’d have to go through K-Rod’s mentoring and apprencticeship program.

  2. Oh, dear…
    Mischke talked with Commie-Coleman. My respect for Tommy has dropped.

    As a very good friend of mine has said on more than one occasion: “Jason Lewis is best when he doesn’t attempt to do comedy, and Tommy Mischke is best when he doesn’t attempt to cover politics.”

  3. It’s probably pretty hard to stay motivated when no one is reading your crap.

    I wouldn’t know, but I can imagine.

    Penigma, you can relate…what’s it like?

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