Nothing To See Here

It took the GOP the better part of four years to piddle away the goodwill that it won during the early 2000s.

Congrats, Dems; between your heavy-handed antics, your amateurism, your ineptitude and your obvious hunger for absolute power, not only are the actual people realizing the Change they Hoped for is never coming, but even some of the people who were painting your toenails six months ago are having second thoughts; your ideas are turning off the people you suckered in last year.

13 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here

  1. All true, but there’s a challenge in it. The Democrats won in the last two cycles mostly because they weren’t Republicans. It’s been obvious that the Democrats didn’t learn a damned thing during their time in the wilderness, because they have made the same mistakes under Obama that they did under Clinton and Carter.

    Republicans have a chance to retake the reins precisely because people are remembering why Democrats don’t deserve to have power. I wish I had more confidence that the Republicans understood that they need to be more than “not Democrats.” But there’s ample reason for skepticism.

  2. Both political parties are nuts, it’s just that the Dems are nuttier.

    Our only hope is divided government that’s hamstrung by its own rules to slow it down. Honestly, the only thing I want them passing these days are things really relating to emergencies like an actual attack on the US. Anything else? Force a minimum of 100 hours of debate on it, then force it to be reauthorized every 5 years after another 100 hours of debate.

  3. It is long past time for “The Won” to ditch Axelrod, Emanual, Dunn and Gibbs. These people are in continual campaign mode and their score settling, whether with Limbaugh, Fox News or the Republican (so-called) Leadership is beyond amateur and more child like than anything else. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid come off as particularly slimy characters, whose hunger for power long ago surpassed their ability to put forth coherent legislation that their fellow representatives and a majority of citizens could get behind.
    Politicians are a crass bunch to begin with, but when Senator Shumer defends the NY banking/investment establishment, Nevada gets special priviledges in the health care bills and our own wannabe Wellstone, Senator Fartjoke, sells out the rest of the medical business establishment to prop-up the Minnesota medical device makers already high profit margins, you know there is no soul left in the Democrats.
    To paraphrase The Won, the campaign promises and the soaring rhetoric were just mere words, that no thinking person believes anymore.

  4. I agree with Mr D conservatives can win in the next election cycle IF we can put forward some credible candidates with serious proposals for shrinking the government payouts and using the market to finance small businesses so they can start hiring again.

  5. If I’m ever elected to anything, I’d like to be known as “Senator Fartjoke,” so please don’t give that label to Franken quite yet, please.

  6. If I’m ever elected to anything, I’d like to be known as “Senator Fartjoke,” so please don’t give that label to Franken quite yet, please.

    Shouldn’t be a problem, Yoss. Besides, the proper moniker for Franken is “Senator Rapejoke.”

  7. well… I have to say that the admins attack on FOXNEWS is downright creepy. Imagine if Bush&Co. had went after Olberdouche and Tingles on MSGLBT, what would happen in the MSM? The double-standard is so obvious and yet there are still liberals out there that deny there’s any bias in the press. Useful idiots indeed.

  8. Speaking of differences between liberals and conservatives – this just came in:

    If a conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn`t buy one.
    If a liberal doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

    If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn`t eat meat.
    If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

    If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to defeat his enemy.
    A liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.

    If a conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.
    If a liberal is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

    If a person of color is conservative, they see themselves as independently successful.
    Their liberal counterparts see themselves as victims in need of government protection.

    If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.
    A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.

    If a conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.
    Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.

    If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church.
    A liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced.
    (Unless it’s a foreign religion, of course!)

    If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
    A liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.

    If a conservative slips and falls in a store, he gets up, laughs and is embarrassed.
    If a liberal slips and falls, he grabs his neck, moans like he’s in labor and then sues.

    If a conservative reads this, he’ll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh.
    A liberal will delete it because he’s “offended”.

  9. Yossarian, based on some comments here and elsewhere, I don’t see you getting into the Senate. So, I suggest you set your reach so that it is within your grasp. How does Soil & Water Commissioner Fartjoke grab you?

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