Stupid School Administrators

Six-year-old Cub scout brings scout knife/fork/spoon doodad to school…

Six-year-old Zachary Christie was so excited to become a Cub Scout that he brought his camping utensil to school. The tool serves as a spoon, a fork and a knife, and Zachary wanted to use it at lunch.

…and gets treated as a terrorist (emphasis added).

What Zachary didn’t know was that the gizmo violated his school’s zero-tolerance policy on weapons. And now the Christina School District in Newark, Del., has suspended the first grader and ordered him to attend the district’s reform school for 45 days.

I’ve been through this sort of self-lobotomized administrative cretinism myself.
Question:  How many intelligence and ethics tests does one have to flunk to be a school administrator these days?

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  1. This is a perfect example of why I hate zero tolerance policies.

    Zero tolerance is touted as a way of being tough on whatever issue they are intended to address. But in reality they are a way for leaders and administrators to abdicate having to make a tough decision. It’s a cowardly way of running a railroad.

  2. It’s really more of a “zero-thought” policy. If you are going to strictly adhere to policy, regardless of circumstance, why is a “school administrator” even needed?

  3. So little Jr is spending 45 days in reform school with the real future criminals…..he will be so f*cked up when he gets out of there.

  4. I deplore the demise of common sense as made evident by this case. At the same time, let us not forget the legions of trail lawyers who have left schools little choice but to enforce draconian solutions rather than be sued into oblivion by the parents of monsters who bring real weapons to school with the intent of doing harm and who use the lack of a zero tolerance policy as a defense, i.e. no one said i couldn’t do this. Where are my specific examples, you ask? Don’t have ’em, I reply. But I work in a field (medicine) that is rife with unnecessary testing in order to CYA–cover your ass– in case of an unexpected bad outcome, the outlier of a rare disease or the presence of John Edwards on the state bar. It happens, it’s real and I bet that is the reason behind zero tolerance.

  5. I should say..TRIAL lawyers..although placing them on a trail to the proverbial raft in chains would be a good start.

  6. Get rid of the public school system and these “cretins” will be on soup line. Extremely doubtful they would be employable in the private sector!

  7. Aw gee, golfdoc, those pesky trial lawyers sure can get in the way when you run into a complication of the procedure and saw off the wrong arm or take out the wrong kidney, eh?

  8. Kids are more often in trouble far outweighing the problem because of Zero Tollerance rules, especially when compared to the number of instances of so-called doctors with old fashioned saws whimsicly riping off arms and cavalierly diging out kidneys with spoons.

    You’re making the case for carrying out Shakespeare’s advice, Clown.

  9. What do you call 25 School Administrators armed with zero-tolerance policies sitting at the bottom of the river?

    A missed opportunity, if they didn’t have time to bring trial lawyers with them.

    But still, a good start.

  10. Hopefully, the kid’s parents will take a hint and realize that the only chance he has of learning logic is if he’s homeschooled.

  11. It’s more telling that the school administrators are afraid of folks yelling “racist” and “discriminatory.”

    This is the same school district that last year expelled a third grader because her grandmother sent a cake AND a knife to cut it. But only after using the knife did the teacher tell the principal and get her expelled.

    If you read the NYT article on this, the reason that most of these policies are enacted is because if they don’t do these no-thought-required policies it turns out that African Americans are “several times” more likely to get hit with the consequences than whites (the article conveniently leaves out the consequences after the policy however).

    The educrats would rather be thought spineless, unthinking and uncaring cogs in a machine than potentially racist. Their fragile egos must take precedence over the fate of children.

  12. Hopefully, the kid’s parents will take a hint and realize that the only chance he has of learning logic is if he’s homeschooled.

    It’s why so many of us (that don’t have the option of homeschooling) have bailed out on the public schools to go to the charters.

    Which is why groups like MN2020 are sliming charter schools so constantly.

  13. It is possible to have a no tolerance policy that still requires an administrator to think. What foolishness it is to define a table knife or camp utensil kit as a weapon! Such definitions should be open enough to require interpretation by administrators so that they can make sensible decisions. Obviously the district in question does not allow things like sensible decisions.

    Mitch, you’re right-on about charters. At our charter school we use table knives regularly and find them just as safe as that other more acceptable “table weapon,” the fork! It’s really a stretch to ban table knives and allow forks! Oops…better not point that out. Some school might require students to eat with their hands.

  14. During high school in the early 80’s, I found a couple of military issue 6″ knives while rummaging around in the garage. They were a couple of souvenirs my dad brought home from his time in the Pacific. They were in awful condition and needed some clean-up. A buddy was taking metal shop and offered to clean and sharpen them for me. I brought them to school the next day in my back pack and we made the exchange in homeroom. He gave them back to me after lunch in the hallway and I carried them around in my backpack for the rest of the afternoon before taking them home.
    Looking back on this now, I can’t remember either of us thinking that bringing two military issues knives to school was in anyway an odd or bad thing. The metal shop teacher never said a thing to my friend. Today, we would both be serving 3-5 in some ju-vee facility if we had been caught.

  15. Once more, I’m proven right.

    If you have kids in Government Schools, get them out…right now.

    BTW, have I said F.U. to AssClown lately? Well if not, there it is.

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