Have You Ever Noticed…

…that all of the people saying “the modern GOP would never support Ronald Reagan”, or “Jack Kemp would be nauseated by the Tea Party”, are people would never ever support Reagan,  Kemp, the Tea Party, or the GOP?

6 thoughts on “Have You Ever Noticed…

  1. Yep. The party that wouldn’t support Reagan these days nominated Bush !, Dole, Bush 2 x 2, McCain and Romney after Reagan.
    Bill Clinton couldn’t get nominated today. The guy who signed welfare reform? The guy who said “we’re all Eisenhower these days”, and “the era of big government is over’? The guy who chose Gore as his running mate because Gore was one of the few Democrats who voted for the Gulf War?

  2. It’s not well publicized, but Reagan did have a temper.

    I’m confident that the baby killing, perversion loving, terrorist coddling, America hating reprobates that are the face of the Democrat party today would have righteously pissed the Gipper off.

  3. Oh, and Bill Clinton supported the RFRA (I think I have that right) which reaffirms religious rights. Kind of like the law Indiana was going to pass earlier this year that all the Democrats and multi-national corporations opposed.

  4. VIP Republicans have pretty much ruined the word “Conservative”. People who believe in helping people with massive Federal programs now call themselves conservative. Some of the more shameless big statists even dare call themselves REAGAN conservatives.

    Poor hapless Mitt couldn’t even get this right, calling himself a “Severe Conservative”. DOHHHH!!

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