Everyone’s An Expert

Since the story of Ahmed “Alarm Clock” Mohammed broke, half of America has become demolitions experts.  Charles C. W. Cooke – one of my two favorite political writers in America today – notes that Ahmed Mohammed’s clock looks a lot more like a bomb than a chewed-up pop tart looks like a gun.  He’s half-right; the poptart wasn’t a gun; the clock looked like a prop from a community-theater production of “24”.

The other half?  They seem to think they’re clairvoyant; the loathsome Richard Dawkins, for starters.

15 thoughts on “Everyone’s An Expert

  1. His clock looked no more like a bomb than that other kid’s Pop-Tart looked like a pistol. But if the school policy is “Zero Tolerance” then it should apply to Muslims and Christians alike. Black activists already want one exception to normal behavioral rules, now Muslims want another. The correct solution isn’t granting favored groups an exception to the idiotic policy, it’s getting rid of the idiotic policy.

  2. So, does “Ahmed” have a history of being interested in electronics, or taking apart or building gadgets?
    A journalist should look into this!
    Just kidding! They’ve already made up their minds.

  3. The more I learn about this, the more I become convinced this kid and his parents are agent provocateurs.

  4. Ahmed reminds me of the slacker kid who waits until the night before the science fair, rips out the inerds of his digital clock and tapes them inside a box. Prints a label Ahmed’s Digital Clock.

    Except nobody asked Ahmed to do this, which is weird and sad.

  5. The first picture I saw was not the correct one. This kid built a suitcase bomb without the C4.

    They should have held him for a couple days to teach him a lesson.

  6. MBerg goes into WWTC to do his Saturday AM show. He sees a duplicate of Ahmed’s “science project.”
    “Holy mother of pearl! There’s a bomb in here! SOMEONE HAS LEFT A BOMB IN HERE! AAAAH!”

  7. More insanity from Reuters:
    “A Texas teenager who became a global sensation after he was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school that was mistaken for a bomb will be meeting foreign dignitaries at the United Nations this week, a family friend said on Tuesday.”
    It was not a “home made clock.” It was a standard digital clock he bought at a garage sale and removed from its case. I guess the engine in my car is “home made.”

  8. Blue, it will be a cold day in hell before Mitch admits he was wrong on this one, even though evidence this was a stunt keeps piling up day after day.

  9. I don’t need to be either right or wrong about the clock/prop/bomb for my real point to still be correct.

    The fact that our schools engage in this useless security theater are an abomination whether they were crapping on an innocent boy’s project, enabling a mendacious father’s scam, or providing feedback to potential terrorists about how “security” in schools works.

  10. Let me see. Ahmed shopped “the bomb” to four teachers until one finally took the bait. Maybe it was because it was THAT teacher who received a bomb threat from Ahmed’s sister earlier.

    Nope. In this particular case you are eating crow. There are plenty of examples of skrewl abominations, but THIS was not one of them.

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