To Be Fair, Most Of Us Had Forgotten Brian Lambert Was Still Being Published, Too

Someone pointed it out in the comment section; Brian Lambert interviewed Jason Lewis in the MinnPost earlier today:


MP:​ But even The Patriot [AM 1280] is now all syndication. They used to have local bloggers with shows ripping the feckless liberals and all the usual stuff. Now, it’s all mailed in.

JL:​ ​It’s the only thing they can afford. They don’t have the budget for anything else. The economics of the industry requires a massive paradigm shift. And, as I say, it’s due to mismanagement, technology and debt, the over­buying of radio stations.


Lambert exhibits the attention to detail he always showed when he was the Pioneer Press’ “broadcasting reporter”.

AM1280 was always syndicated.  The Northern Alliance started three years after the station went on the air – almost two years before AM1130 went all talk, before Jason Lewis left the Twin Cities for Charlotte much less before he came back and bumped Lambert’s show from the 1130’s lineup.

And unlike both of them, we’re still here.  Different group of us, to be sure – but we’re still alive and kicking.

And I’d love to invite Lambert on the show to prove it.  But I have no idea where to find him, or for that matter, whether he still really exists or not.

If you know where he’s at, please forward my invite.

8 thoughts on “To Be Fair, Most Of Us Had Forgotten Brian Lambert Was Still Being Published, Too

  1. Oh, he knows you’re still there Merg. He just took the opportunity to take a swipe at ya.

  2. It’s fair observation mon-fri. On the week end it’s wall to wall “investment” and real estate talk (with some Northern Aliance thrown in).

  3. DMA

    No argument. That’s exactly the way the 1280 (and, for the most part, the 1130) has always been.

    The one difference, I guess, was that from 2006-2010 the 1280 ran an eight hour sweep of local conservative talk on saturdays; David Strom, and the three NARN shows back to back.

  4. Not just the two conservative talkers, but even the religious stations, it’s wall to wall stock pushers on the weekend. I take this as a sign the bull market is over.

  5. I don’t know what’s going on at 1280 this afternoon. Medved is supposed to be on but they’re running some really dreadful real estate show. They are focused like a laser on legislation affecting home owners associations.

  6. Sometimes time during the state fair gets sold to “infomercials”.

    There’s a lot of money in those paid programs.

  7. Your shot didn’t make it past the MinnCensor. But don’t feel bad, you’re in good company!

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