Labor Pains

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Donald says illegal immigrants have to go.  The Wa-Po is clutching its pearls – that would wreak havoc!  Would it?

Wa-Po says work now done by illegal immigrants wouldn’t get done: picking crops, hotel maids, day laborers, nannies and gardeners.  Hmmm, that’s the same argument made by the South to defend slavery.  Seems to me the answer is the same: the market will adjust.  Work that isn’t economical to be done, won’t be done; work that must be done will no longer be done at below-market wages, it’ll be done by machine or by hiring Americans at living wages.  Yes, prices will go up.  Low prices don’t justify open borders.

Trump offers to keep families together when the illegals go. What about mixed families with one legal and one illegal parent?  They can choose: both can go or legal residents can stay.  Sad marital choices shouldn’t drive national policy.

What about illegals who’ve been here a long time?  That only means you’re a career criminal, it doesn’t justify the crime.

What about children who were born in America and have birthright citizenship?  Parents can choose: take your kids with you or leave them here with legal residents.  Having a child doesn’t mitigate your crime any more than if you were a bank robber.

Ordinary Americans don’t have a problem with these proposals because if we have to follow the law, so should everybody else.  The people having a hissy are the one-percenters who’ll be inconvenienced having to find new nannies and gardeners.  That’s a poor basis to set national policy and the best justification I can think of, to change it.

Joe Doakes

Me?  I’d just settle for a high fence, and some clear policies for legal immigration.  As, it happens, would most Latinos.  The ones who are citizens of the US, anyway.

7 thoughts on “Labor Pains

  1. Media related….St Paul PP has a NYT story on Hillary. I think it is a paid advertisement for sHillary. haven’t checked to see if it is online, but you must read it. It reads like a press release. I think the author was humping Hillary’s leg as she wrote it.
    Compare this to the Sarah Palin stories from the summer and fall of 2008.
    I don’t blame the St Paul PP. Its the NYT and Big Media in general.

  2. A fence won’t matter. We didn’t have a fence for decades. Didn’t need it. The fence debate is a distraction. What is needed is strict workplace enforcement. The laws are already there, if the JD says it doesn’t have the resources, congress can require them to enforce current immigration law and give them the funds to it.
    But congress won’t, and not because of the Democrats. The US Chamber of Commerce does not want workforce enforcement has an outsized impact on congress because they contribute heavily in the primary phase of elections, and they give almost excusively to Republicans.

  3. The people having a hissy are the one-percenters who’ll be inconvenienced having to find new nannies and gardeners.

    And the Dems who know they’d lose bigtime without vote fraud and finding ways to artifically pump up the voting population in their favor. I hear lots of people say “well, all those Catholic Hispanics should favor Republican voting, especially pro-life candidates”. No, they come from a somewhat socialized country with a horrible social safety net. That’s why they go thru such trouble to get here illegally. They know they can have a better life illegally in this country than they can legally in Mexico. And if our government wants to hand them tens of thousands of dollars in various subsidies and entitlements, do you think they’re going to vote for those who want to hand that out? Or will they vote for those who want to kick them back home?

    It’s not rocket surgery, people.

  4. I hear lots of people say “well, all those Catholic Hispanics should favor Republican voting, especially pro-life candidates”.
    This argument is a fraud. I am ashamed for the so-called conservatives that feel they have to make it when they know that 2 out of 3 “new Americans” will vote for the Democrats.
    So who wins from illegal immigration?
    The Democrats get votes. The business class and the 1% get cheap labor.
    What do you get?

  5. I laughed pretty hard when anchor baby Kelly Osborne, daughter of illegal parents, responded to The Donald’s first conments with an indignant harumpf, “Who will clean your toilets, Mr. Trump?” Of course, the lib idiot media provided cover for her and low information voters allowed to backtrack without much comment. Man; it’s great to be a hypocrite!
    Ozzie & Sharon are not citizens and are supposedly living here on long expired visas. Their support of the Liar in Chief assured their safety from deportation.

  6. JD, I don’t recall you being a ConScol, but there is quite a bit of discussion that “birthright citizenship” is not supported by the actual wording of the Constitution nor Laws on the books. If there is no “birthright citizenship”, then entire concept of “anchor babies” is bunk and you can throw that entire side of the argument out the window.

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