Not For Failing To Celebrate

Today, as we look at the prospect of a President whose entire portfolio as a “feminist icon” was hitching her political wagon to a lothario, enabling him in a way that’d no woman on Mad Men would have done for fear of looking contrived, and “Serving” as a hack Senator and the worst Secretary of State since Madeline Albrecht, it’s useful to remember when a real feminist held sway.

Today would be Margaret Thatcher’s 90th birthday.

And none of today’s “gender identity”-obsessed self-styled campus radicals are fit to carry her gig bag, as a human or as a feminist.

1 thought on “Not For Failing To Celebrate

  1. HRC says her hero is Margaret Sanger. There is a photo out there of Sanger speaking at a KKK rally in Silver Lake NJ. Talking up the master race.

    Carly Fiorina idolized Margaret Thatcher.

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