We Interrupt The All Trump, All The Time…

…menu in the mainstream media for an actual substantive policy argument among Republicans.

Walker’s concept:

Walker’s proposal would repeal all of ObamaCare, dismantling its federal healthcare exchanges and eliminating the tax credits now provided for people to buy health insurance policies. It would replace them with a system that doles out federal dollars based on an individual’s age, instead of income.

For example, a person between the ages of 18 and 34 would receive $1,200, while a person between the ages of 50 to 64 would receive $3,000. The tax credits would only go to people without employer-sponsored coverage.

Unlike ObamaCare, his plan would also allow groups, such as small businesses or farmers, to band together to negotiate lower rates and allow all individuals to purchase coverage across state lines.

James Capretta at NRO runs down the details of the Walker, Jindal and Rubio plans.

For those who’d rather talk policy than combovers.

4 thoughts on “We Interrupt The All Trump, All The Time…

  1. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel story on this has 1616 comments. I didn’t open it up, but I’m guessing about 1,500 of them are lefties saying something like:

    “Its just a teabagging Koch sucking plan for his rich friends”.

    And yes, these people vote.

  2. I think they are trolling themselves over there, POD. Most “interesting” prog comment?
    “If we can afford unfunded wars and tax cuts then we can afford to bankroll Medicare.”

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