The Shallow, “Message”-Obsessed Left’s War On Women

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

New York bar charges women 77 cents on the dollar because . . . pay equity?  Great deal . . . for ugly women.   Pretty girls never pay for drinks.  And most of the wait staff is women, who work for tips, which are based on total tab, which is now 23% smaller.  So women get paid less to protest women getting paid less?  Genius.

Joe Doakes

So will the female servers be giving part of that to the ugly male bartenders, who don’t make nearly as much as they do?

5 thoughts on “The Shallow, “Message”-Obsessed Left’s War On Women

  1. For every 1 woman killed on the job, 10 men are. I wonder if the bar owner is going to kill a few of her female employees to even out the stats.

    Men tend to hold the decent paying jobs that have odd hours (think railroader, trucker, farmer, law enforcement). Does the 77 discount only apply M-F between 9 and 5? For office staff, teachers, daycare providers. Daytime jobs that tend to pay less but have more women in them.

  2. From the comments:

    “People in their 20s make 67 cents on the dollar compared to people in their 40s. Will this bar charge young people less, too?”

  3. Receiving discounts based on a well and often disproven lie. Good gig if you can get it.

  4. I am somehow reminded of the old adage: “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker”, used by men of suspect morals who desired to get a lot of women into bed. Obviously, by selling drinks more cheaply to women, this bar is trying to get women raped by selling them 30% more drinks per dollar while they are about 30% smaller and more vulnerable to getting drunk and defenseless.

    Why is it that the left hates women so much?

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