Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Laptop hard drive died, extended warranty sent tech to my house to replace it.  Charming Black woman, prompt and efficient but thick accent.  She’s from Ethiopia.  She said that if you get crosswise with the government, yourproperty can be seized and bureaucrats will harass youdeny you permitsaudit you.

I was afraid to ask her – are you talking about Ethiopia, or about being a Conservative in the United States of Obama?

Joe Doakes

To quote a great American statesperson: what difference does it make at this point?

6 thoughts on “Dislocation

  1. Ironic, isn’t it?

    Most blacks in this country play the victims of white oppression and are pandered to by a racist POTUS and power hungry do – holders, yet they never acknowledge the beginnings of slavery. African tribes were enslaving each other for decades before the white man got there, then showed whites how to profit from it. Funny that very few blacks show outrage over oppression by other blacks in Africa.

  2. If Americans wake up, Obama is going to be the death of the administrative state. Someone objects to cutting a bureaucracy? Roll tape, that’s your reason why. You have to assume when you create a bureaucracy that someone without a conscience is going to be running it someday.

    And yes, that’s exactly the accusation I’m making of President Obama. He has no conscience, at least none that he hears routinely.

  3. Americans wake up? Ha!

    Speaking of dislocation. So, I changed jobs and moved to Houston. And like every law abiding company, my new employer did a background check on me to make sure I was legally in this country and could be legally employed. So, today I get an e-mail from DHS. At first I thought it was a fake, but no, it is real. Emphasis mine and I became US citizen around 1999:

    You received this email because E-Verify confirmed that you are eligible to work in the United States according to DHS records; however, when your case was processed, we found that your records with SSA have not been updated since you became a U.S. citizen. We sent this email as a courtesy to let you know that your SSA record needs to be updated.

    What you may do

    We strongly encourage you to visit an SSA field office to update your SSA records to show that you are a U.S. citizen. When you visit SSA, be sure to bring your naturalization certificate, U.S. Passport, or other proof of U.S. citizenship so an SSA representative can update your records. All documents used to prove U.S. citizenship must be originals; SSA cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies of these documents.

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Millions of Illegals on the streets and they want me to waste my time to update SSA records? Laws? THERE ARE NO MORE FUCKING LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY!

  4. The funny thing about JPA’s note here is that any sane company would simply have updated the database for him and let him know–allowing him to correct them if they’d read things incorrectly. I notice that the last few times I’ve moved, many of my correspondents update my address automatically. It’s pretty slick, and striking that the government can’t figure this one out.

    (enjoy the new job, JPA!)

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