They Don’t Give You Any Choice, ‘Cuz They Say That It’s Treason

Associating ones opponents with all that is evil in the world – the lowest behavior, the highest crimes, the grossest infractions against decency – is always the number one standby of demagogues, and intellectual thugs, and the propagandists that pimp their message.

I saw this on a highly on a highly over-trafficked lefty Facebook page the other day: 
Now, don’t get me wrong – i’m not going to say this is what every “progressive” believes in the deepest pit of their heart.  Indeed, it’s tempting to chalk it up to the likes of the heinous AM950 audience (or on air staff).

But that is just as much an oversimplification.

I heard the same basic sentiment a couple of years ago – that failure to support a law that the administration had pushed through was tantamount to treason – in a comment thread on the Facebook page of a  left of center friend of mine, from a woman who had a non-trivial, six-figure education.


Addlepated as it is, and whoever the audience is, it’s of a piece with “there’s a Republican war on women!” and “and rampage killings don’t have been in other countries!” and  “The DFL will lower property taxes!”; it’s intended to scare, and bamboozle, people who don’t no much and don’t have much interest in learning the truth.

16 thoughts on “They Don’t Give You Any Choice, ‘Cuz They Say That It’s Treason

  1. I seem to remember dissent being the highest form of patriotism. Hillary shrieked something like that once.

  2. John beat me to it.
    Under Bush, dissent was the highest for of patriotism.
    If it weren’t for double standards, yada yada yada.

  3. Gosh, I sure don’t remember George Bush saying, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” I sure don’t remember YOU saying that questioning our military presence in Iraq was “Not supporting our troops”, and on and on and on from you righties about how people who opposed Bush’s stupidity in Iraq were traitors. MANY on the right called us that, MANY MANY, and you darned well know it. Doesn’t feel so nice when the shoe is on the other foot, does it? Perhaps next time, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be a bit more careful. I doubt it, but I guess there’s always a chance. And, unlike those who questioned Bush, your folk acted to undermine Obama, which isn’t treason, but it is kissing cousin to sedition if it were done unlawfully including being done solely for the purpose of refusing the office it’s authority. Now, you’d never do that, would you? No, I thought not.

    Mitch, once again, your hypocrisy knows no bounds. As a man who once chewed me out for calling Bush “Goergie”, and not “President Bush”, and how I was supposed to show respect for “the office if not the man”, I would ask you, do you think you lived up to that ethic over the last 7 years? Not only haven’t you, neither have your partisans, and the likes of Limbaugh have gone far beyond simply being dissenters to being people who use thinly veiled wording to gin up hatred, real hatred for those they think are stupid (including the President) and worse, they’ve encouraged the foolish to act up by saying things like, “somebody has to DO something!!!!!!! OMG, it’s the worst thing EVER!!!!!!!” all the while flinging poo in the air, when Obama isn’t even the most liberal President of the past 50 years, let alone the most liberal in history, he’s less liberal than Teddy Roosevelt for god’s sake, but you all act like it’s the end of the world because you can no longer separate partisanship from reason (to whit, your hypocrisy on Presidential critique’). Small wonder people see you as extremists who flirt with sedition. It might just be because it’s true.

  4. PM, don’t be too hard on them. It’s not like liberals are aware that the Constitution actually defines the term for us., after all.

  5. So it’s okay now because conservatives did it to you then?
    Unfortunately, liberals missed the chance to take the moral high road. I’ll admit it was wrong when conservatives called liberals traitors while Bush was President. That’s why I argued against it then.
    One thing I don’t remember conservatives doing then was claiming any and all opposition to Bush was a product of racism.

  6. Penidiot;

    For Christ’s sake, PLEASE get off the “Blame Bush” for the war in Iraq meme!

    You lefties always conveniently and purposely ignore the FACTS (I know that people like you don’t use those), that many of your ilk in both the House and the Senate, had access to the same intelligence that President Bush had, came to the same conclusion, then voted to send troops to Iraq anyway. To provide cover for their lack of performance of their own due diligence, is at least disingenuous, but at most, it is disgusting.

    Further, you “tolerant and inclusive” progressives do everything that you can to besmirch and discredit conservatives, ala Dayton’s family funding PAC lying about Tom Emmer, but ignore the same behaviors from your side, so don’t spew your “shoe is on the other foot” crap!

    By the way, how does it feel to know that the Demonrats that you support, thing that you are stupid? Well, if the “shoe” fits…

  7. Penigma said:

    ‘George Bush saying, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.”‘

    Do you honestly think George Bush was talking to you?

    I have news: it’s not always about you.

  8. Like most things the Pound Puppy says, Penigma is less educated than my dog.

    What Bush said was, “”Over time it’s going to be important for nations to know they will be held accountable for inactivity. You’re either with us or against us in the fight against terror.”

    Where did he say that those words applied to American citizens? Strangely enough, W respected freedom of speech more than “progressives” ever have. She’s the idiot who called dissent the highest form of patriotism, who snickered at Bush assassination jokes, yet now implies discontent and opposition with the actions of President B. Hussein Obama sedition. W just ignored all the progressive yahoos, while BHO and Senate Demonrats sent the IRS after their critics.

  9. With the exception of Feckless Jeff, who once gleefully blogged about a small defeat of American troops in Iraq, I don’t recall having called leftists traitors. In order to be grammatically correct, I’ve always referred to them as the America-hating left. That’s because they don’t want to destroy America per se, they want to destroy America as we know it.

    And Obama’s actions have born that out at every turn.

    Resisting Obama, and the left, is patriotism at it’s highest, most noble form.

  10. You know, we probably shouldn’t have gotten all grouchy at pen. She and her cohorts are saying that the actions of Democrats during the Bush administration were treason, including those of our current President.

    Let’s run with it and prosecute. :^)

  11. Senator Hilary Clinton and most prominent Democrats agreed at the time that Saddam’s pursuit of weapons of mass destruction posed a threat to the security of the United States. Therefore, they voted to send the United States to War against an Enemy (not formally declared, but that’s old-fashioned, nobody does that anymore). The Code Pinkos and their ilk gave aid and comfort to the Enemy during time of War. The charge of treason was not ridiculous.

    President Obama is not leading the nation into War against an Enemy, he is leading the nation into bankruptcy and Third World squalor. Opposing him is not treason, it is prudence.

    The shoe is not on the other foot. Apples are not oranges.

  12. Penigma wrote:
    “Gosh, I sure don’t remember George Bush saying, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” ”
    Penigma, that’s because Bush did not say “If you’re not with us, you’re against us”

    What bush said was:
    “Over time it’s going to be important for nations to know they will be held accountable for inactivity,” he said. “You’re either with us or against us in the fight against terror.”

    Bush was talking about countries, not people, you twit.
    And if “not supporting the troops” was treason, John Kerry and Bill Clinton would be in prison.

  13. “Bush’s stupidity in Iraq.” You do realize that was because of repeated violations of the 1991 ceasefire agreement, which gave coalition members the option of using military force, which in the end we did. (You know, through that right. -wing United Nations). And you do know that 49 countries took at least some part in the operation either through direct military action, logistical support or intelligence operations?

  14. It’s no use, jimf, it’s no use . . .
    “Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate”

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