Trulbert: A Comic Novella About The End Of The World As We Know It

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My first book, Trulbert, hits Amazon on Monday; it’ll be available for Kindle and compatible e-book readers.


The book asks the rhetorical question “What if the world shrugged before Atlas did?”

What if every Libertarian purist, every anarchist, everyone who ever walked out of an IRS audit, got their fondest wish, and – poof – government disappeared overnight?  What would happen?

Would the world spontaneously sort itself into a functioning order, and society – now the assortment of individual, autonomous bits of pure reason that some of the Founders dreamed of – prosper and be perfectly happy?  Would mankind spontaneously order the world into the Best Possible one?

Or would the baser impulses of human nature – laziness, demagoguery, evil, or unfamiliarity with the works of Ludwig Von Mises – rot the utopia from the outside in?

The book explores those questions through mankind’s greatest analytical tool – broad, tongue-in-cheek hamfisted satire.

The book takes place from the perspective of a group of neighbors in South Minneapolis:

  • Paul Hendrickson, a mild-mannered, anxiety-prone married father of three and project manager at a Minneapolis healthcare claims software company, and his family
  • Hana Codriciu, a Romanian immigrant and budding American success story, owner of “Dripping With Irony”, a coffee shop plagued with hipsters but percolating with promise
  • Dave Os, firebrand libertarian activist and unpublished anarcho-capitalist philosopher
  • Myron Ilktost, henpecked Methodist church deacon
  • Jessica Hardman, glamorous TV anchor and hard-nosed journalist in the tradition of Chelsea Clinton

Together, these people and a cast of thousands navigate a world where the old assumptions are as obsolete as an iPhone 3, and are changing faster than Google’s definition of “evil”; a world with simultaneously no authority and infinite power.

A world pretty much like ours, only upside down.

Trulbert:  A Comic Novella about the End of the World As We  Know It is available for pre-order today and tomorrow, and will be released on Amazon on Monday!

8 thoughts on “Trulbert: A Comic Novella About The End Of The World As We Know It

  1. Far from me to tell you how to run your business, but I’ve noticed some authors “game” the ratings by telling everybody to buy their books at a certain time or day, so you can later claim “my book was number X on Amazon.” I’d be willing to help boost the rating – tell me when to buy.

  2. Plato answered the question a few years ago.

    I’ll buy the e-dition of course, but do you think it will ever be available in 3D?

  3. Joe – I’ll save the fancy stuff for my next book.

    D – Thanks!

    Swiftee – Of course it will. Provided a movie producer buys the screenplay and produces it in 3D…

  4. “glamorous in the tradition of Chelsea Clinton”? Say what? There are many words I’d apply to Mrs. Mezvinsky, but “glamorous” is not one of them.

  5. Mrs. Mezvinsky’s father-in-law was an early supporter of the Clintons. Mezvinsky had the interesting personal trait combination of stupidity, greed, and criminality. Edward Kazminsky wanted to be as wealthy as the rich people he hung out with, he was stupid enough to fall for the Nigerian “dirty money” scam three times, and he committed bank fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud to get his hands on the money he needed to pay the Nigerian scammers.
    Imagine a summer party featuring the best of the Democrat ruling class — the Clintons and the Kennedys. Jesus.

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