Almost Like The Real Thing!

My upcoming e-book, Trulbert:  A Comic Novella about the End of the World As We Know It, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  The release date is June 15.  Trulbert___A_Comic_Novella_About_the_End_of_the_World_As_We_Know_It_-_Kindle_edition_by_Mitch_Berg__Literature___Fiction_Kindle_eBooks___Amazon_com_


In related news, I’ll be doing the traditional “book tour” in coming weeks.  So far, I’m scheduled for:

  • The Ed Morrissey Show on Thursday at 4PM Central
  • I’ll be interviewed by Mitch Berg on the Northern Alliance next Saturday
  • I’ll be on with Brad Carlson this coming Sunday

And there’s more to come!

19 thoughts on “Almost Like The Real Thing!

  1. Will you be utilizing ‘Autography’ to accommodate individuals requesting a signed ebook?

  2. Really already referring to yourself in 3rd person mitch? I’ve got a special pace picked out for you down here

  3. is there a Trulbert: The Prequel in the works?
    Gotta start working on that trilogy Mitch – thats what brings the movie money sniffing at your door.

  4. Possible cover blurb #1:
    “A noticeable lack of positive, trans-gender characters.”

  5. Possible cover blurb #2:
    “The scenes involving young, attractive, physically-fit Asian prostitutes are handled with a discrete good taste rarely seen in a novel of this type.”

  6. Possible cover blurb #3:
    “All of the political modes of Western modernity are imagined, re-imagined, and found to be anti-Islamic and an insult to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”

  7. Possible cover blurb #3:
    “The anti-Chinese bias of the gweilo author, M.Berg, is revealed by his non-mention of the role played in ordering colonial, chaotic, post-currency Beijing by the Society of Harmonious Fists.”

  8. Possible cover blurb #5:
    “The authors tale of a post-collapse Twin Cites riven by violence and factionalism is a scarcely concealed retelling of Tolkien’s under appreciated classicThe Silmarillian, with Weslayan Methodists taking the place of orcs. Recommended for children of all ages.”

  9. “The author is a charter member of the Cigar and Single-Malt Society, Olympic Hills Golf and Country Club, Eden Prairie, Minnesota — and it shows. The language of Shakespeare has been redeemed!”

  10. Can’t wait for the Amazon review page to open. Say, the author doesn’t get to edit those, does he?

  11. Another one. A possibletter look into out not too distant future

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