4 thoughts on “Check Your Narrative

  1. Why he thought it was a good idea and how he sold it to Americans are relatively minor issues. All history will care about is how did it turn out.

  2. Most anti-war types believe a set of myths about the Iraq War. One thing I’ve heard, more than once, from anti-war types who consider themselves well informed on the issue, is that Blix said that UNSCOM was just a few months from completing its mission, but Bush invaded anyway.
    This is not true.

  3. First and last we’ll hear about this in the MSM, or the leftist alt media. They’re all busy with their entrenchment tools, bracing for the ’06 election propaganda season.

    Speaking of which, get a load of the Minnpost’s newest hire:

    Some exciting news for MinnPost: We’ve hired a new Washington correspondent, Sam Brodey.

    Brodey comes to MinnPost from the Washington bureau of Mother Jones, where he covered Congress, national politics and public policy.

    I bet Joel and Laurie Kramer are really sad that none of the old gang from Ramparts! is available anymore.

  4. Re: Ramparts.
    They could probably get David Horowitz to submit a column or two, Swiftee.

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