Your Tax Dollars at Work Waste

I came upon this strikingly worthless project while biking along a trail in Purgatory Park in Minnetonka.

I can just picture a couple beer-o-crats self-congratulating themselves on this idea.

“You know what this crawfish creek needs?”


“Some goll-dang stairs.”


“Yeah, plus we’ll create jobs.”

“Well, not actually. We alruddy werk for the govment.”

“It’ll take a few hours to put in the stairs, but we can leave one o’ them stimuless signs up for weeks and weeks!”

And it did, and they have.

14 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars at Work Waste

  1. Wow, ain’t Google amazing, Roosh? Turns out the city of Minnetonka has a whole plan for improving city parks using money approved by voters. Of course Angryclown has no dog in the fight. A Minnetonka park couldn’t carry the jockstrap of Central Park, Prospect Park, Riverside Park, Battery Park…

    Still, thought you might like a link to Minnetonka’s plans so’s you kooks could all debate whether or not the democratically approved funds are being well spent. Cause Angryclown knows you Mitchketeers are all about thoughtful consideration of policy alternatives, not moronic cheap shots.{9B41E2B1-D5D3-425D-A842-3FAB1226DB22}

  2. I remember reading the stimulus funds were being used to shore up the creek beds – I think a flooding and water quality issue. If they build steps and a path, well, its a park, right?

  3. Park is probably a misnomer here; it’s really more of a “preserve.”

    The stairs take you from nowhere to nowhere and are in the middle of nowhere. They are completely out of place in what is essentially a rolling, somewhat wooded meadow with a sometimes paved, sometimes crushed limestone groomed path that runs through it.

    As usual, AC’s commentary is irrelevant. Leave it to him to list a website that cites 2001 as the the program’s date of inception and that hasn’t been updated since January of 2008. Speaking of cheap moronic shots.

    This particular piece of work is obviously what you call a make-work project, made conspicuously so by the large signage, which ironically is out of place in a natural setting.

  4. kooks could all debate whether or not the democratically approved funds are being well spent.

    You mean the one rammed through congress that zero republican congressmen voted for and 3 republican (well 2 now that Arlen FINALLY showed his true colors) senators did?

  5. I just hope gender equity is employeed here. There are 19 recognized genders in Hennipen county and I hope all are equally employed on said project.

  6. If MN works like Hawaii, this project was probably such a low priority that the county or city wouldn’t dare pay for it with tax dollars from the voters within the community.
    Some people think that when Washington shovels money at small town politicians they will spend it wisely. These people are called ‘clowns’.

  7. Actually now that I look at that a little closer, those can’t be stairs – there’s just not enough space to safely place your foot and liability/safety issues would require a longer tread distance. Its gotta be for erosion control – I can’t tell from the picture if that’s a low point in the path or not.

  8. Its gotta be for erosion control

    Could be.

    I have been riding this trail for years. While this part of the trail is at the foot of a steep (but heavily wooded) hill, I have never seen water over the trail nor any evidence of unnatural erosion.

    If that were the case, a strategically placed silt barrier consisting of a pile of large rocks uphill from the trail, not downhill, would do just fine, especially given the remote setting.

    Then again, what do I know? I’m just a taxpayer, not an overeducated beer-o-crat looking for an excuse to spend said taxpayer’s money.

  9. If it’s erosion control, then it’s still a waste.

    Creeks & rivers don’t erode much through straight courses. it’s when they bend that erosion becomes a big enough problem to try to mitigate it. However, the only reason to interrupt nature’s course is when property is threatened. In a nature preserve like this, there is no reason to control it, the creek just does it’s thing.

  10. Roosh, using the word beer gives far to much credit or praise; I suggest you instead use Bear-o-crap or bearcrapcrisy.

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