When Journalists Accidentally Tell The Truth

Maybe it’s a sign of Glenn Taylor’s ownership is finally having an effect. Or maybe headlines are just getting written over some crusty old editors ‘ dead bodies.

But the truth is, I’ve long despaired of ever seeing a Strib headline this, well…


10 thoughts on “When Journalists Accidentally Tell The Truth

  1. St Paul PP had an article on this today. One party towns run by unionists….can’t end good. Its amazing how its all about power and control. Not making society better for all.

  2. Actually the PP article was on the St Paul school board election. Different subject, same outcome.

  3. “Dayton, who taught for several years in New York City schools in the late 1960s and early ’70s..”

    That is complete, utter BS. He didn’t even complete 2 years did he?

    A blogger, an influential blogger mind you, maybe one with access to a radio show, might take that pant-load and spoon feed it back to the Strickle.

  4. An interesting item vis-a-vis the St. Paul school board elections.

    The unionthugs endorsed Al Oertwig, who quit the board in 2008 after a security guard caught him watching teh gay pR0n out in the open, on the library computers of Metro State. Initially, they thought it was kiddy pr0n, but turned out to be just some very young looking adult dudes.

    Evidently, that is a distinction of merit to scumbag DFLers, because he out polled all of the incumbents.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll keep sayin’ it. Leftists represent the lowest scumbags in the human race.

    That being said, I do wish I could attend her last board meeting so I could sit right up front and center, laser-beaming a smug grin at Anne Carroll. (Be an evening well spent, Mitch…hint, hint)

  5. Swiftee – I missed that on the first read.

    Oh, my.

    Yes. Someone fitting that description may have to cover that.

  6. If I recall correctly, Mark Dayton did not “teach for several years….”. I believe it was 2 years, ending at the time the draft ended (purely co-incidental).

  7. He was a substitute teacher for parts of two school years. He worked about 1/3 of a full-time schedule, near as anyone can figure.

  8. They told half the truth; yes, the teacher’s mafia (not to insult Cosa Nostra, mind you) does strongly favor early childhood incarceration, but it’s worth noting that the best studies of early childhood incarceration show only that highly trained and funded caregivers only achieve the same results as unmarried welfare mothers. For example, the Perry preschool project showed gains that correlated almost precisely to incoming differences in intellect.

    Spend billions, get bupkus. It’s the DFL way.

  9. There’s an editor at the Strib being sent to some sort of gulag today. Probably locked in a room and forced to watch MSNBC for the day.

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