1 thought on “I Heard It On The NARN

  1. Friedersdorf is an idiot.

    Isn’t there always reason to celebrate an extended family gathering together, where the elderly can smile at the little ones playing as nephews indulge their aunts with a dance? Isn’t there something divine in a dozen old friends gathering together for a meal, their hearts grateful for the presence of one another? A photographer who captured all that would earn her fee without betraying her faith. And don’t Jesus’s teachings commend us to associate with people even when we believe them to be sinners? Aside from sinning oneself, isn’t going as far as one can to accommodate others exactly what Christ’s actions ought to inspire?


    There are two problems with what Friedersdorf write. First, you could say the same thing about a polygamous marriage or a marriage between a man and a dog. It is kind of a ‘would it really hurt an observant Jew to a cheeseburger?’ argument.
    Second, the reason committing homosexual acts is a sin is not because God thinks that it is ooky, but because it is harmful to the people who do it. If you have the government decree that you, as a Christian, are wrong to think that homosexuality is a sin which you may not glorify without harming your relationship with God, you have government establishing a religion.
    And that is where you end up. The government, for reasons that are entirely political, has decided that it is bad if people think that homosexual behavior is a sin, and it can’t command that it not be considered a sin without raping the first amendment.

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