All Is Seeingly Forgiven!

Someone emailed me this job posting:

The Minnesota Independent is seeking freelance reporter/bloggers to help cover politics at the state, county and local levels.
We’re looking for people from across Minnesota with reporting experience; a clear understanding of policy, legislation and the workings of state politics; and familiarity with recent developments in online news. A key criterion in measuring success will be the delivery of “impact stories” that inspire public debate and advance the common good.

This must be good news for Republicans; in the wake of the Obama onslaught, the “Independent” laid off most of its staff and whacked its freelance budget, causing former editor Steve Perry to be shocked, shocked that the whole operation was a propaganda operation.

If the Mindy’s usualy cast of donors feel the need to crank up the propaganda war, we must be drawing rhetorical blood…

Here’s the funny part (emphasis added):

The Minnesota Independent is part of a growing online network sponsored by the non-profit and non-partisan Center for Independent Media,


This quote from Britt Robson, after he got laid off in the CIM’s “Mission Accomplished” celebration:

Robson — who writes about arts for MinnPost and sports for The Rake — was caustic in his view [of] MnIndy’s Capitol overlords. He says CIM’s national staff was less interested in the organization’s professed mission — “a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that operates an independent online news network in the public interest” — than boosting the party of Barack Obama.

“I was working with them fairly closely during the Republican convention and privy to interoffice emails,” Robson explains. “The type of things non-local editors were into were very party-race stories, particularly stories that embarrassed Republicans and promoted Democrats.”

Paul Schmelzer – you’re a good writer.  You’re a reporter with some integrity.  Why on earth are you maintaining the fiction of non-partisanship?

which adheres to the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ) code of ethics

Obvious jokes redacted for excessive obviousness.

Hey, maybe Perry can come back now!

12 thoughts on “All Is Seeingly Forgiven!

  1. Considering they subsist at about 3,000 unique visitors a day, unless they score the occasional sweet nectar link from HuffPo, it’s not the kind of stable writing gig I’d actively seek. Hell, my blog gets 3,000 unique visitors a day just from people doing Google searches on “whale+sperm” and “women+thong.”

  2. I think you just solved their problem, Yoss. They are looking for “impact stories” and let’s face it, “whale+sperm” has gotta have an impact.

  3. “Why on earth are you maintaining the fiction of non-partisanship?”

    We know the answer to that. They have to keep their 501(c)(3) designation or else their money source drys up.

    Even ACORN pretends to be non-partisan, at least enough to satisfy an IRS that isn’t all that interested in discovering otherwise.

  4. “Considering they subsist at about 3,000 unique visitors a day”

    Hmm. I wonder if most of those are just from people googling [deleted]. Nah, Mitch is right – too obvious.

  5. You are an excellent writer and you have the strength of personality to cope well in a minority view / dissenting position.

    Darn right you should apply.

  6. C’mon Mitch, apply! Dare yea! I really, really want to see their reply to your application.

  7. Curious…..

    MiniSoros is in desperate need of someone with a unique skill set. Someone who knows moonbats. Someone with a nice pelt collection. Say, could this be my big chance to get me some of those sweet, sweet SorosBucks ™?


  8. how does one apply? I R interested but being a knuckle-dragging, moth breathing, 10th amendment supporting, racist, homophobic, evil, soulless (did I forget anything) conservative do I stand a chance?

  9. which adheres to the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ) code of ethics…

    Question, can anyone here read that sentence without laughing?

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