Loose Ends

I was glad to see that the families of the 35W bridge collapse victims Enixed the idea of a formal memorial service to commemorate Saturday’s second anniversary of the disaster:

Officials wisely decided not to hold a public ceremony today — the second anniversary of the collapse — saying relatives of the victims and others tied to the event wanted to move on with their lives. They should have that opportunity.

Of course, there are some loose ends that do need to get cleaned up.

The Strib gets one of them right:

So, too, should the entire community be able to reclaim Bohemian Flats and to drive along the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis without being reminded of the horror of August 2007, when 13 people lost their lives a few hundred yards upstream.

The Flats are still being used to store all the steel wreckage from the salvage job; the various lawyers involved in the slew of lawsuits filed over the collapse (last Friday was the deadline for actions) want all the old girders preserved in case they need them.

Of course, the Strib missed one big mess of wreckage;the credibility of not a few local politicians and, lest we forget, the Strib itself.ater on Tim Pawlenty’s refusal to raise the gas tax?  When some backroom political flak literally claimed that the entire MNGOP should be indicted for murder?
Remember when Nick Coleman not only blamed the Taxpayers League, but haughtily blew off the National Transportation Safety Board’s initial findings when they disagreed with him?

None of them have copped to their ghoulish hijacking of a tragedy for their own gain.

Where is the decency?

4 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. Hey Mitch, read over the weekend that Al Franken accused Justice Thomas of legislating from the bench. Someone needs to call him on this. Ask Crazy Al for specific examples of this.

  2. Mitch said: “None of them have copped to their ghoulish hijacking of a tragedy for their own gain.”

    Geez, you’re not telling me we invaded Iraq again, are you?

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