Of Hats And Clowns

The liberal noise machine that largely spent eight years calling George W. Bush “Bushitler” is worked up into a lather because a St. Paul Pioneer press reporter referred to the practice of constantly taking “selfies”(using a snap of Sselfieaddict Pres. Obama as his example) as making one look like a “assclown.”

Sports reporter Kevin Cusick, who wrote the blurb, later walked it back, apologizing for the use of the term, and changing it to “self absorbed celebrity.

He was right both times. I’m not fond of the term “assclown” – or its dumber cousin, “asshat”, both of which sprang out of a trend in the early days of blogging to jam terms together more or less at random to try to insult people. There are many more artful terms that can and should be used.

But while the occasional selfie is a harmless indulgence, Cusick was right the first time; the President is starting to act a little bit like Miley Cyrus.

7 thoughts on “Of Hats And Clowns

  1. somewhere in the Secret Service files I’m sure there’s a video of Dear Leader “twerking”

  2. It was bad enough when Clinton actually responded to the question about what kind of underwear he wore, and now this? Gack. I’m waiting to see somebody photoshop Obama onto that wrecking ball…

  3. Asshat has preempted such luminaries as Pusillanimous Poltroon and Repulsive Reprobate from their lofty place in invective eminence, and I count myself as guilty as anyone. Sure, it’s snappy, but we can do better.

    From now on, I shall seek to set a higher bar when insulting even the trailer park puppy mill wing of the Democrat party.

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