Shelf Life

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

President Obama says Muslims are ignorant, medieval racists.

Well, not in so many words. But the point of drawing a moral equivalency between Muslims, the Inquisition and slavery in the Old South is that all three examples are equally bad so we shouldn’t single out Muslims for disapproval.

Agreed. Except Christians abandoned the Inquisition and abolished slavery in the Old South, and thereby made the world a better place. Only one bad thing left for Christians to rid the world of, Mr. President. When should we expect you to get started on that?

Joe Doakes.

Western Civilization, Christendom and America fought through immense internal upheaval to deal with the latter two.

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  1. Yeah, Joe Doakes, I couldn’t figure out why that aspect ofT he Current Occupant’s speech didn’t attract more attention. Slavery was still legal in Saudi Arabia up to the 1960s.

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