Gary from Saint Paul emails:

Has anyone in the Twin Cites media asked him if he’s going to Netanyahu’ s speech?

Just thinking.

I’d be interested in finding out.

Side-bet:  I’ll bet if he skips it, the Twin Cities media will bury that fact, if they report it at all.

2 thoughts on “Itineraries

  1. If they report on it, they will laud it as a stand for principle and call it “courageous.” They won’t describe it as bigotry or “jewphobia”.

  2. Its sad what has happened to John Lewis. Here is the hero of the 50s-60s civil rights movement. The man who stood up to the fire hoses in Selma and elsewhere, has been reduced to a leftwing conspiracy theory wacko. And yes, he is boycotting the speach by the leader of the Jewish state.

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