That Fourth Estate Of Ours

When was Mark Dayton’s last alcoholic relapse?

What sort of psychotropic medications is he on? And why?

Our media here in the Twin Cities doesn’t think you, mere peasant, have a “need to know”.

But never let it be said the Twin Cities media won’t hold big government’s feet in the fire over the tough issues!

Because, boy howdy, they sure will!

4 thoughts on “That Fourth Estate Of Ours

  1. Love those ads. Apparently whatever Markie is taking has chemically removed his ability to perceive ironic humor. Maybe any humor.

  2. I’m reminded somehow of Lincoln’s purported comment on Grant’s whiskey usage: “What brand does he drink?” I’m no fan of Dayton’s style of government, but I think his style of government speaks more than a few drinks ever could.

  3. Now I realize that our Democrat Party Dominated Media Culture (DPDMC) doesn’t ask GuvJimBeam tough questions (or any questions at all – witness the campaign when the seventy something, recent artificial hip recipient, cane using Guv was able to, according to numerous DPDMC sources, ‘dash’ from a rare public appearance without being made available to answer questions). But he has claimed MnSure is his baby (at least when he has a friendly audience) and what, 10’s of millions went to an ad campaign featuring 19th Century characters Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan, with the giant catching a tree in the crotch to convince the healthy hipsters and other low risk millenials they needed health insurance; did anyone think to ask the Guv about this ad scheme?

  4. Dayton is right. How can you have a tourism ad that doesn’t feature a crooning Joe Mauer?

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