5 thoughts on “Naming Committee

  1. What, “Death Train” isn’t good enough for you?

    (or, since Hiawatha was the original Death Train, Death Train II?)

  2. The Green Line took out another person this week (not killed though). At Lexington and University. I frequent that neighborhood and know about a large number of people in that area who don’t have the best thinking skills. I called this when they were building it. Many people running or driving in front of the train. And I say this as a luke-warm train supporter.

  3. To complement the “practice freeway” which is what Soucheray calls the 45 mph I35E south of St. Paul.

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  5. Chuck; you men it’s not a good idea to send a train through a bar district at grade level? Really?

    Grew up near Chicago, love trains, but my goodness, the lack of thinking on the part of the people developing it is just plain embarrassing.

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