Hands Up: Don’t Spread Narratives Without Thinking

After a couple of months of investigation, the Justice Department – that would be Eric Holder’s Justice Department – has reached the same conclusion in on the Michael Brown case that the state grand jury did several months ago:

Let’s reiterate that. Eric Holder’s Justice Department has looked at the case and decided that the evidence indicates Officer Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown.

This is actually not much of a surprise. When local prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced the grand jury’s decision not to prosecute the officer, he strongly emphasized that federal investigators had access to the exact same evidence, which was his way of expressing confidence that they would reach the same conclusions. The Times report confirms this: “The federal investigation did not uncover any facts that differed significantly from the evidence made public by the authorities in Missouri late last year.”

have you noticed we only get asked to have a “conversation about race” after an ugly, inflammatory event that jacks everyone’s emotions to 11?

8 thoughts on “Hands Up: Don’t Spread Narratives Without Thinking

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  2. Mitch:

    I know it hasn’t offically come out, but hasn’t the feds concluded:

    One, Officer Wilson wasn’t acting as a racist when he made the decision(s) to fire multiple shots. Mind you that implies they found that he shot in self defense.

    Two, you mean there are some people in the Justice Department willing to stand up to Eric and not go along with his lies.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  3. You can either stand with justice or stand with civil rights activists.

    We’ve gotten to the point where the term “civil rights activist” has come to mean “a bigot who wants the government to discriminate on the basis of gender and race when it’s for their favored group.”

  4. Two, you mean there are some people in the Justice Department willing to stand up to Eric and not go along with his lies.

    I’d like to believe that but I think we also have to remember that (a) Eric Holder already announced his resignation and has one foot out the door and (b) it’s unlikely whoever replaces him wants to spend any great amount of time and energy fighting a battle that their predecessor lost, especially when they’re likely going to have to look for a new job in less than two years.

    Had Ferguson happened a year earlier and Holder seen as likely to continue to be the Attorney General, whoever was handling the case might have been a little more . . . pliant with the administration’s priorities.

  5. A.G. Holder’s departure plans have been pushed so far towards the backburner that they’re practically now on the neighbor’s stove. I wonder what the game plan is surrounding Holder’s planned resignation? If the latest front runner is the chosen one, she must not be feeling a lot of love and faith in her abilities flowing from the White House.

    I once speculated the The One, once things stopped going His way and His people stopped treating Him the way Kim Jong-un is treated by his people, He might quit, take His ball, and leave to a more “fair” foreign land. Prior to this, I postulated that He would stir up some serious, nationwide discontent, most likely of a racial/ equality-based nature.

    His actions during and after the Ferguson debacle certainly strike me as a good start to my first theorized activity.

    Now that Cuba is a must-see destination, He could comfortably set up HQ there but still remain close (proximity) to the U.S., and shave about 50% the miles from his travel itinerary, Cuba to Miami vs. D.C. to Chicago. But only if He deems Chicago safe enough yet to grace with His presence.

    Regardless, I don’t see a sound “F— You, I’m out of here” as too unlikely a scenario, particularly during a time of severe nationwide distress …

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