You Know Your Relationship Is Strong…

… If it can survive this:


A Valentine’s Day dinner date – at White Castle.

I mean sure, if you’re part of a couple that shares the same, surreal sense of humor – like the one that whomever at White Castle corporate came up this idea must share – I say go for it!

8 thoughts on “You Know Your Relationship Is Strong…

  1. Are you certain it’s humor? Not sure what a White Castle reservation might include, but if your SO craves them like you do, why not?

  2. If I were closer to a White Castle, Mrs. Bubba and I might do it. We’ve always felt that if our relationship depends on what happens just before the Ides of February, we had much bigger problems than could be solved with roses and wine.

    And I’m a guy who, in college, gave out Al Capone cards for Valentine’s Day. I was really bummed that only two of my friends got the joke–but a few years later, they got married. Another time, I got together with friends and observed “Black Thursday” with black food, plates, everything. It was pretty fun.

  3. When I have relatives come in from out East, a White Castle run is always near the top of their list of activities we have to do.

    But I will say, that’s the only time I ever go there.

  4. Do the reservations start at 12:01 AM on the 14th? Does a reservation for 12:01 AM on the 15th still count as a V Day reservation?
    On a side/stereotypical note: Does White Castle have franchises in Colorado? If they do, have they seen a jump in Crave Case sales with legalization?
    FTR, I’ll pass on the sliders. Had them once. Couldn’t stand them.

  5. I think Valentine’s day is silly, but my husband likes to celebrate it. The first year, I convinced him that all I wanted was the White Castle reservation for dinner. It took a lot of convincing, but now even he loves it. The room is dimly lit with candles, balloons, and flowers. They have a paper menu and you order from the table, not the counter. The menu is actually divided up by entree, appetizer, dessert and broken down even more with seafood, poultry, meat. The staff is way happier than most fancy restaurant staffon Valentine’s day- these people are getting tips one day out of the year! Everyone seems to have fun, people dress up. Many people are there because of some teenage memories, but everyone is having fun there. It is worth it.

  6. mjb003 ++ for you!

    The Walker used to organize bus tours of local artist studios ( maybe they still do) 20 yrs ago). A friend of mine asked me to help with his part of a tour so I said sure I’ll provide the food and beverages.
    So I provided 100 White Castle double burgers, 100 double burgers, 200 fries, and 20 bottles of $3 red wine. My friend was dubious of my choices, he was expecting Brie and cheese bits. But the tour folk fell upon the White Castles like they were famished. I labeled the wine as aperitifs and the White Castles as hors-d’oeuvre. When they departed there were 7 burgers and 2 bottles of wine left. Never underestimate the charm of the White Castle.

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